Saturday, October 30, 2004

Come ON over!

Ok, that sites up.
I've made a post.
I really like it over there.

I'm having some troubles importing my archives...but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Come on over!!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

I have a new home. Well a new blog home that is.
Mark...our Blogfather has offered me a lovely place to stay away from the evil of BLOGGER!!!!!
It's not finished yet but I already pointed my blogroll at it so...OOPS!

I will give you the updated link when I am done playing probably on monday.

Well then

Well Anniversary number 11 ended in a teary fight on the couch about started projects that NEVER EVER GET FINISHED.
Somehow, the one of us that has a renovations/restorations company cannot seem to renovate or restore his own home.
SURE he can start 1000 things but he can't seem to finish any of them. I mean I have a front closet with NO door, cause he hates slidey closet doors. Ok it was 3 yrs with NO door at all and now it's been 2 wks with a partial frame and a door leaning against the opposite wall. Our living room is 3 different colours right now because he hasn't "had the chance" to finish the painting.
The ceiling still has plastic stapled to parts of it, cause he wants to redo the california texture so why bother taking ALL the plastic down..the little shards of it are fine.
GRRRRR! I'm a little miffed is all. Every now and then I have to freak out on him and he starts working on the house a bit more.

In other news...I might be moving (my blog) sooner than I thought! More on that as later.

I'm getting a massage on MOnday and I hope that means on the 14th I won't be so sore!
We shall see.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

More crying

I can't run tonight.
I was in denial all day.
I made plans to run.
People are meeting at my house at 6pm so we can run together.
My wardrobe malfunction has caused a wound that is totally grounding me.
After shopping today I came home to find my jeans STUCK to my owie.
I re-applied butt'r. ZOINKS that's some painful shit right there.
And after screaming like a girl I applied some zinc diaper cream right after.
More pain than child birth.

So then I put on my running tights, thinking that they would be great cause they don't move around too much.
Well chubby old me bought the baggy tights last year cause I didn't want to be seen in TIGHT tights.
They fit like tights on me last year but not obscenely tight like some people (boys you know what I'm talking about). This year? THEY'RE BAGGY and move around over my owie.

So I've finally come to terms with the fact that I cannot run tonight. CAN NOT. In no way can I. I considered duct taping it. But what goes on must come off and I don't see that as a pleasant experience.

Tonight's run was only 5 BUT saturdays run is 21. So I want to be sure I am all healed by then and if not I have to figure out how to protect it while I run. Let me tell you this is not a job for butt'r or body glide. This is possible a panty liner taped to my leg kind of job.

Unless of course someone has a better suggestion?

Nothing to Blog

Bah...and such is my life.

Today is our 11th anniversary. Not exactly WEDDING anniversary since there never was a wedding. But more of a moving in together anniversary. When we had been together a couple of years we didn't know what date to consider our anniversary. The first date? The first "sleep over"? We decided on moving in cause that was pretty much the point when we figured out we would be spending a significant amount of our lives together (don't want to say forever cause you NEVER know!)

Anyway 11 years later and he's still a dick!! I'm kidding. 2 kids, a vehicle and house later we are as married as anyone else.

Now I'm feeling a little jipped (is that how you spell it) that we didn't have a wedding (totally my idea to NOT get married) so NO PRESENTS! That sucks.

A couple of years ago I found out that the company I worked for then gave you a week off paid when you got married. So I tried to convince Chris that is was the time for us to get married.

He said NO! He said, "I asked you to marry me 9 years ago (at the time) and you said no, now you want to marry me for a week off?"
"well...yeah" I said.

So once again no wedding.

We've always said the only way we would ever get married is in a cheesy Vegas drive thru wedding. And since I am a closet CSI addict I KNOW the horrors of Vegas and we won't be visiting anytime soon.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hmm Who'd A Thunk It?

Soooo so so so so many people told me that training for my first half marathon was going to change running for me. I thought...OK, gotcha...whatever you say.

And I can't honestly say I believed them then...or now for that matter.

But something has definitely changed in running for me. Tonight again, I ran like I was as light as air. It was effortless, well that's not accurate either. There was effort but it was more easily found effort. Do you know what I mean?

I had the effort to give or something I don't know.

But I do know that this next half marathon is MUCH hillier than the first one I did. But these are hills I run every day, every week. And on a route I've run...100 billion times. I am interested in my time this time. We shall see what happens.

But I do know I am enjoying running so much more right now. COuld be the weather. COuld the weight. COuld be my body being used to more mileage. But I'm loving it. And I'm not going to question it and realize next week that I'm back to trudging through the hilliest town in Ontario with out a spring in my step. For now I'll just take what I can get.

Stupid blogger seems to be fixed.
Thinking about a domain name registration and moving this blog.

Any name suggestions??

We shall see.

OH! In other sad sad news, I've worn out my most favouritist running pants. They're these lovely blue capris by Brooks and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. And now they have a hole from my big fat sausage thighs rubbing together in a not at all sexy way! And with race registrations and the new $100 winter running top I want I CAN'T AFFORD A NEW PAIR!

Poverty sucks.


Blogger is freaking out. I can't get in to delete that extra post.
Oh with it.

Nothing to blog today. Running 8 tonight and I can only assume I will be back to my ever so slow self. I wondering now if our route was actually 10k the other night. I think it might have been closer to 9. Either way, it was a faster pace than I'm used to. Which is good every now and then!

21k this weekend. We going to run the race route I believe. Which will be interesting. It's right here in town and it's SO hilly. I might bring my camera just to show you..but then really, do I want to run for 2.5 hrs with a camera in my hand? I wish now that I had bought a slimmer model (isn't that always the case?) so it would fit in one of my water belt pockets....hmmm..we'll see.

I wonder if blogger is speaking to me again or will I have to email this one in?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's just wrong

It's just wrong

My Fall From Grace

This morning while grocery shopping (teaming with PMS hormones) I ate doughnut. Not just any doughnut. I ate a chocolate topped, whipped cream filled yeast doughnut. And it was almost better than sex.

I counted it from my daily points mind you so it's not like I was really cheating. And then later all I had was a vegetarian hotdog (quite yummy actually) and that was it before weight watchers.

My grand total?
WOOHOO! I would've got a ribbon if I stayed for the (Hi! My name is Pam and I'm a fat ass) meeting. I have about 17 lbs left to go. How great is that?

I feel great. I wasn't used to being over weight. It's not something I've had to deal with really before. I always wanted to introduce myself as "Hi, I'm not usually fat". That's sad.

I mean thank god I didn't have 100lbs to lose (keep in mind folks I'm UNDER 5ft tall 100 extra pounds would not be pretty!).

Ok! I'm off to eat something naughty!

Oh Boy

Can you even imagine the nerve?

She had the hydro put in her name?

Check it out

Monday, October 25, 2004

Ten Kilometers

Deceiving weather we've been having. I wore a wind breaker and long sleeved running shirt tonight ended up covered in sweat! And I do mean covered. The kind that drips off your forehead and down the back of your neck (obviously NOT the same drip...)
Anyway I felt like I was running fast tonight. And it turns out I was!
10k in 56min. That is super fast for me.

I have finally moved up from turtle speed to snail.


I won.

I Can't Make this Stuff Up.

Welcome to Canada, home of gay marriages and liberal (sort of) Governments...
My sister S runs a Gay and Lesbian group at her college. She's loving it since most them use it as a dating service (she's finally getting some).

Anyway they have to provide the school with posters about their meeting indicating place and time etc. But the poster must be approved by the school before being posted.

This one was approved:


This one was NOT approved (on the grounds of RECRUITING!):


Personally I think this one is brilliant! But alas it does have questioning my sexuality so I guess they have a point.




p.s. Yes to the font colour or no?

teehee Posted by Hello

G'head...try and tell me that he's not the cutest (almost) 2 year old ever.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Today's 18k were interesting.

Today we were officially given the title of REAL RUNNER (even though Chris already gave me that title last week). Our route today was not the usual route we do for 18k. No sir. Today our fearless leader decided it was our time to meet....MILE HILL (that should echo). MILE HILL is exactly as is sounds...long....and steep...but it's also..narrow and curvy (something I hope to be someday soon). But it was a challenge. We met it and did ok. We were told to not deny ourselves a walk break half way up if need be. But we didn't need to. I was a bit winded at the top and too a brief drink break but continued on with out much problem.

It was then followed buy an additional 10 or 12km of rolling hills and steady inclines. And ended with a nice down hill that wasn't TOO down hill if you know what I mean.

My legs are definitely tired though. But in a good way.

The weather was perfect. I left the house and it was 4 degrees, it didn't warm up much from that. I mean you can't ask for better temps for a long run I think.

At this moment right now? Both my kids are out with (separate) relatives doing fun fall things with them. And what are my hubby and I doing with this time?
Well he's next door helping the neighbour put new brakes on his car.
Scratch that. He's the one that's actually doing the brakes and the neighbour is walking around watching.