Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Let them eat.....cheese

So my son has a friend over...his friend is a little.....ummmm,....weird.
But he is a nice kid. However, I have a general pet peeve that involves children that are not my own asking for food. I HATE THAT! And never fail, this kid will ask for a snack. today's visit is happening very close to our dinner time and when he asked for a snack I said no....dinner is soon...and he says "well I don't until real late at me house"

What hell am I supposed to say to that? I gave them a cheese string thing and sent them away to play gamecube.
! I hope my child doesn't do that at his house...and I know most people will say OH yes HE DOES! My only saving grace being that Brendan is the PICKYEST! eater ever! With a capital P.

And if I find out otherwise I will kill him!