Thursday, February 19, 2004

May the Good Lord deliver me

So on March Break I am taking my family to my parent's house. Originally I planned on staying for a week, Chris coming back to get me the following weekend.
I have NOW revised the plan, being recently reminded of how much of a BIATCH my mother can be! So I think instead of a Friday too following Sunday type thing, we will do a Friday till Tuesday type thing.
Because I mean really. My mother will get sick of me and my children by then. Claiming I am taking advantage of them or some such horseshit.
Plus I have my sister's husband-ish person to deal with.
He is lower than pond scum. So I will easily have offended him by then (god willing).

Anyway...ran 9k lastnight...felt AWESOME of course.
Next week is the last week of our clinic. 10k!

And dinner our to celebrate