Monday, February 16, 2004

oh my gosh golly

Godhead, someone read my blog. I can only assume someone found me cause of the reference to sex in my last post. HA! That's funny.

I am hating this font more and more with every character I type.

Nothing exciting here lately really. Sunday was boring. Grocery shopping highlighted the day. Next came home made lasagna. WOW that's exciting stuff

Tonight is a mother-fucking-cold run night. WHY am I doing this to myself? I will never know..well I do know..I want a runner's ass. that 's why I do it. DAMN I want a runner's ass. I think it's coming. Not quite there..still a little lard on it but it's in there somewhere. SCREAMING to be out! maybe it wants leather pants. Who to say. I AM sure it want's a two piece bathing suit. Unfortunately the runner's tummy is NO where to be found.