Monday, February 09, 2004

OK HI! So I'm Pam. Not THE Pam but A Pam.
I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. I am currently unemployed, having quit my shitty shit shit job after my maternity leave was up. I've taken up running in my last 6 months and love it. L-O-V-E IT!

I apparently have nothing to say today....I sort of want to rant and roar about people having their xmas lights and TREES STILL up on this very day. But I am thinking that, for a day when they already know I'm insane.

But I am really, WHY? WHY turn the Xmas lights on now? What is there to be festive about? What are you doing? I understand(ish) the lights BEFORE turn them on in anticipation...DURING xmas I can live with and quite often I myself have xmas lights on. But immediately following New Year's Day (this year I confess it was Boxing Day when Santa came in off the front step), I turn my lights off and the tree comes down. I wonder how these people feel coming home and turning on the Xmas tree in Feb? Do they have big black x's all over January's days counting down to NEXT Xmas? That's insane..really.