Thursday, February 26, 2004

Sex with Sue

Ok I had a MOST disturbing dream lastnight...several actually after falling into a coma that only comes from lots exercise (I ran 10k) or drugs.

So in my dream my hubby and I are doing the nasty (the details of which nearly put ME off my feed....nearly). And suddenly I look over and RIGHT beside (I mean knees touching the bed) the bed is Sue Johanson sitting in chair! WATCHING US! And doing her Sue Johanson kind of weirdness. Husband and I try to ignore her. And try to continue with our romp but when I look back over at her she is now talking CALLS! (for those you don't know Sue, she has a tv/radio show were people phone in with questions about sex).
I woke going...what the hell does that mean? I mean...she is not a hot sexy woman.
I am a little disturbed. ...clearly.