Thursday, March 11, 2004

And the excitement never ends

Sooo I SHOULD be packing. But clearly I am not. I think I am in denial.
And I am feeling kind of stone.
Could be the 2 (maybe 3) desert cakes I just ingested. Processed snack food will kill me on day soon. And totally explains why I am still carrying extra weight around even though I run a gazillion kilometers a week (or 30).

The toddler is awake from his nap. There goes all the time I was about to spend packing. He better stock up on sleep cause that's the last of it he will be getting for awhile.

I REALLY don't want to go.
But I think I'm going.
And I don't want to
Did I mention I don't want to go.

Maybe I should throw myself in front of a car next time I am out running. OR or or I can perhaps slit my wrists while doing stained glass tonight.


food for thought