Monday, March 08, 2004

Going home

Well on Friday I am going to my parent's place in NORTHERN Ontario I will remain there with my two (lovely) children until the following Saturday when Chris will come and get us.
GOOOOOOOD GOD! We are actually going on Saturday not here is how the week will far as I can tell.
Saturday will be spent in the car...with 1 8 yr old that will be good for most of the way and 1 15MONTH old that will get sick of the car about an hour and a half out of town. I will feed them whatever they want read countless stories and sing the eensy weensy spider ad nauseum. We will arrive late and flustered.
Sunday: Will be will cook breakfast everyone will have fun. Chris will leave (I will feel impending doom). Mom will show only a glimpse of her underlying psychosis. Dinner will be great.
Monday: Mom will start to come down. She will accidentally leave the door open in her room while she is smoking. But that'll be all.
Tuesday: She will be too loud in the morning and wake up my kids at 6am.She'll apologize. I will try to push her off the balcony. She won't cook breakfast...or lunch. But she'll cook dinner. Her computer will "break" and she won't let anyone use it all day.
Wednesday:She'll wake up the kids again, but she won't cooking at all today. She will have to nap in the afternoon so I won't be able to get out for a run without the kids. She'll complain that everyone made a mess cooking their own food, but will not let anyone clean up. She will constantly leave the smoking room door oldest son will need his puffer. She might wake up my kids on her way to bed tonight. I will find wednesday unbearable.
Thursday:She will start being friendlier today. My kids will not bite because they aren't used to someone like her. I will be unbearable today because of the lack of sleep and because I have fallen into a old old trap. My oldest son will hang out with my Dad just like everyday and mom will try to ruin it by making my dad do things or promising my son to bake things with him. The baby will be oblivious and very possibly spending most of his time in his stroller and running in the halls.
Friday: Will have taken forever to get here. I will wait eagerly for Chris to come back. I will worry he is dead on the road somewhere in the 7 hour journey. He will come and I will make him take me out for a drive or something. We will hold hands. He will not have slept in our bed since I left for the week. Mom will be all smiles and chuckles today..the computer will be working again.
Saturday :Dad will be sad to see the kids go...Mom will pretend to but the minute we are gone she will say :I like having them hear but I am glad they are gone.
She will sleep the rest of the day
We will drive home together and have a good day with it.
Chris will have done something special in the house ..Finished something and washed all the sheets and bedding.