Friday, March 12, 2004

Just keep running...just keep running...just keep running running running

5k FRIDAY! Huzzah!
I've run in rain, blistering heat, mofo-ing cold, and I even ran through a blizzard (not a great idea BTW).
So tonight being -4(Celsius) did not seem so bad (from inside)
It was miserable!! Snowing...and windy. Clearly we were spoiled with the above zero conditions of last week. So spoiled in fact that we wimped out and cut 2 k off our intended run tonight. Leaving the beginners in our dust (hey SOMEONE has to be in our dust...too bad if their beginners. And really we choose that route cause we knew we would blow past them...dazzling them with our athletic prowess......or something) and pretty much sprinted back after a meager 5k run. But if I hadn't gone I would have regretted it and thought about it all weekend...trying to get some mileage in before Monday. And Monday is 10k again so..I don't want to be tired for that. We ARE in training for around the bay relay after all.

Spring needs to come soon. ENOUGH! ENOUGH WINTER I SAY!