Thursday, March 11, 2004

Ouchy Bum OR Buns OH STEEL

Well, last night was 8k night. Mondays' we do 10 Wednesday we do 8 and Fridays 7.
So last night the marathoners took us a new route. It was lovely it took us out into the country and back in through the scenic parts of town (we have been voted the prettiest town in our seriously we have).
Anyway...then at km 5 we come to the base of the BIGGEST hill I have ever seen pavement on. I mean it's so big that they shut it down in winter because cars can barely climb it in the summer! I have only been running for 8 months (yay!) and so have many of the my training partners. Let's say out of 10 of us 7 attempted the hill. SUCKY FREAKIN BABIES walked it! (pussies)
Anyway I attempted the hill. I would like to say that I ran up half, but I am sure that would be an embellishment of some sort. I think it's more like 1/3 before my burning lungs and thighs made me slowly come to a complete stop. Now we run hills everytime we run. And we run some big hills but NOTHING like this. It gets steeper at the TOP! ass hurts today and that's why.

I had my first official visitor today. NEIL stopped by to say was lovely.

Well I should go and pack (the prozac) for my trip.