Thursday, April 29, 2004

Nothing much

Nothing much new happening here.
Janice has designed a training schedule for me that starts on Monday. I am EAGER to get started.

I was so crabby and unreasonable yesterday that I decided (in my OWN HEAD!) that the other women that I run with wouldn't like this plan and have issue with it and want to do something else. I had worked myself into such a snizzy that I had already decided that I was going to follow Janice's plan myself and they could do whatever they liked.
Well it turns out that they are all on bored.
Only one had issues but she has issues with everything (I love her but MAN is she high maintenance) and once the other 2 told her they liked it she was fine with it.

I am happy to start running on Saturday mornings. As it is now we only run in the evenings and when it comes to race time I have a hard time running in the morning.

The weather is beautiful here today I can't wait to spend the day outside with my little guy.

The puppy has SOMEHOW guilted me into not only NOT putting her in her cage at night but actually letting her sleep on the bed. I am not usually an animal on the bed type person.

One time about 5 years ago, chris brought home a redbone coonhound puppy while he was working out of town all week. He came home on the weekends for 6 months. So I was stuck with this puppy (VERY CUTE) long floppy eared hound dog.
Fritzy as he was called did not enjoy sleeping alone, but his big huge floppy feet would not allowed him to walk upstairs for many months and I would have to carry him up.
He would sleep on our bed, keeping me company until chris came home.

Until one morning, after Fritzy had grown and grown to almost hundred pounds (he would later surpass 100lb) I was sleeping sounded and Chris was home for the weekend. I turned over and kissed Chris hand that was laying next to my face. Only...the hand smelled like nacho cheese dorito's..hmmm...oh shit. it's the DOG'S FOOT.
And that was the end of fritzy on the bed. Especially since eventually he was 110lbs and with his back against the foot board his feet would hit my middle somewhere.
But now somehow cute little Dori has made her way on to the bed. She sleeps at the foot and you can barely even tell she is there. So until I started making out with her by accident, I guess she can stay.

footnote: Fritzy is no longer with us. We gave him away just before Noah was born because he was just too big and clumsy and his tail was a lethal weapon. A nice woman who like hiking took him.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hi there...I'm stoned

I have PMS today..for real.
Apparently last week was just a dress rehearsal. Cause today I am NOT happy and I am having some serious cramping. So I took some PMS pills. I don't usually take a pills since I am still nursing.
Apparently I am a hip breastfeeding lunatic that cannot stop!
Cause baby is almost a year and a half.

Anyway back to my pms.
I took some pms pills (ohhh extra strength..nice)
and now I am stoned out of my tree.
My hair feels like it's standing on end.
I am having a hard time forming sentences...I need to sleep.
My husband is at the store buying me chocolate.
I love him for that.
We are going to watch Big Fish tonight. I will let you know how I feel about it.

Janice is helping me with my have marathon training plan. How awesome is she for that? I love her.

I bought some flower bulbs today.
I want to go and plant them but have to wait until it's not going to frost again.
I said that wrong ...just now...frost again....not right.

I caved this week and let my son watch Pirates of the Caribbean....he loves it...Originally I thought it was TOO violent for him...and now that I think of it in my altered IS too violent of him! What's wrong with me...he is watching it right now!
Well I guess there really isn't much is all very much pretend violence...which he totally gets but stilll going against my normal mother code.
I seem to be slipping.
BACK soon..with photos!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Doug is at it again

Disco the Kid needs our votes.
He is running for President of the United States.
Please vote for him.
Vote for his band PUBLIC DOMAIN.
You will be the coolest kid in blogtown.

I posted more photos.

Shamelessly Stolen from Zoot!

Zoots RAQ'S
1. What is the "theme" on your calendar this year?ummm I have no REAL calendar except for the monthly one that the teacher sends home with Bren.

2. Do you read the newspaper every day? Yes. I read the local paper everyday and the National Post on Saturdays

3. What kind of shoes are you wearing right now? Saucony Grid Stabils. Old running shoes that I wear while working in the yard.

4. What magazines do you subscribe too? Today's Parent

5. What is your favorite condiment? ketchup...the more the better. YUM!

6. What was the first occupation you remember wanting to have? a cashier. Aim high!

7. Are you a green thumb? I SO wish I was...but I am not. I am trying I currently have kept my spider plant alive and thriving since Dec. That's a record

8. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?Donnie and Marie Osmond. They lived in my little cardboard playhouse (it WAS NOT a box! It wasn't!) and would leave on Wednesdays to do their show and my friend donkey would keep me company.

9. Do you floss regularly? I do floss but not everyday..more like once a week...but I do that regularly.

10. If you could still hang posters of celebrities on your walls and get away with it like when you were 12, who would be on your walls right now? Heath Ledger (hubba hubba), Johnny Depp, Wolverine.

11. Do you keep shoe boxes or throw them away? my oldest son hordes them in his room until I find them and throw them out.

12. Would you be embarrassed if someone looked under your bed? yes...I keep the monsters there.

13. If you could be one character in book, who would you be? Lucky Santangilo

14. What do you sleep in? a tank top or t shirt.

15. What is your favorite word? esstentially

Finish Line Anxiety

So my race was yesterday, and it was fun. I was a little slower than I would have liked. Certainly not a personal best 10k.
But it was local and no chip time and 2 water stations and a little disorganized. But it was fun non the less.

I learned something on this race. See, during my first (ATB relay) race I became VERY nauseous during the last 500m stretch. I mean GAGGING nausea until I stopped and walked a little had a drink and I was fine. I chalked it up to inexperience and not eating enough before leaving home and definitely not drinking enough. Lesson learned I thought.

Well for this race, I ate closer to start time, drank lots . So I thought I was prepared. I felt great. We had a little warm up run TO the starting line. It was great. The weather was on the coolish side so that was nice.

I ran well, we started off slow like we like to and kick some ass on the hills. (well we did pass SOME people on the hills)

Then at the 5k mark I faded...not sure why just I slowed down and let my little group go on. (they finished a minute or two ahead..RATS!).
And I still felt great!

Then I saw the finish line and immediately felt nauseous! I had maybe 400m to go and I didn't think I could do it without puking!
UNTIL! I heard the pitter patter of feet behind me. And this woman out of nowhere tries to pass me.
Which I did not let her do.
I finished ahead of her and vomit free.
But I think running into this SPOTLIGHT really stresses me out. I am not one for spotlights.
You know?
So I have to work on that.
And maybe gain some speed.
Just Janice says speedwork is in order.
If you say so!

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Race Day

Race today...good...
Weather today...bad
cold and then later it rain (about 2 k left in the run).
I was slow! DAMN!!! WHY am I getting SLOWER?
But I DID kick someone's ass in the final sprint. I think I finished one second ahead of her...but it was AHEAD!

Anyway more on the race later.

For now..there are pics

Saturday, April 24, 2004

race tomorrow

So I have race tomorrow.
And I am not all that stressed about it.

I think that doing Around the Bay as my first ever race MAY have been a mistake. Cause really it's a great race. You get a great race packet (complete with a bag of pasta AND gloves). There are TV stations there and radio stations there are cops everywhere. There are free massages.
This race?
NOt so much.
They aren't even stopping TRAFFIC! The race packet had the bib and a sheet of paper that showed the route and said to keep to the RIGHT and run with traffic! WITH IT!
So I guess there aren't going to be 6000 other runners. OK I can deal with that.
I mean I can deal with the whole thing it just seems a know...anti climactic from ATB.
Oh well it's local and we have team shirts WEEE!

And it's supposed to rain like a mofo tomorrow.

Oh well.

We get a medal and deservedly so!

Will write full report tomorrow.

New Camera?

Friday, April 23, 2004

I gotta camera I gotta camera

I gotta camera and I'm takin pictures and I am so tired I might fall over


5k Friday

It's 5k Friday!! YAHOO!
I didn't kill anyone yesterday! And this morning when I woke up? Chris had gone to the bakery and brought me home pastries. LOVE HIM.

The run tonight will be short and easy as not to exhaust ourselves for our upcoming event *ahem*. It may or may not be followed by huge amounts of chinese food. But I am totally leaning towards it.

I am still feeling a little crabby today, for example I am mad at all the runners in my running group and I don't even know why. It's so stupid and totally hormonal. I will get over it I'm sure.

I haven't run 5 in a while. Last time we actually set out to do 5 we did 10 cause it was the first nice day in spring.

In other cordless phone is NOT working! And it's the ONLY phone we have now. We've had it for about 5 years I think. It's a V-tec and we paid a decent amount of money for it at the time. And since it has never broken before we have slowly fazed out any other phone in the house. I don't ever want to wake up to a ringing phone so I don't have on in my bedroom. Anyway so today I cannot answer the phone. The machine can though so that good news. The phone just keeps searching for a channel.

DAMN looks like a new phone purchase is in order. Maybe THAT can be Chris' birthday gift. A brand spankin new phone! heh.

His birthday is about 2 weeks before mine.
And he is 6 years older than I am. He turned 30 WAY before me.
He is turning 38 this year! (I will be 32). I LOVE that about him...heh

However, this year I get ripped off again. My birthday is AGAIN falling on mother's day! How is that for a rip? So they kill two birds with one stone. Not fair.
Meanwhile I will be over the bitterness of it but June and Chris will get a full fledged father's day!
I hate that about him.

One year he forgot my birthday...he will never ever admit it but he did forget it.

I added another picture for you to gaze at. I promise they won't ALL be of my kids.Just wait till I get my new camera...then you will see lots.
I am hoping to take it to the race on Sunday and take some pics of random runners in action.
We shall see.

Thursday, April 22, 2004


We just made reservations at our most favorite camp ground in Kincardine for the Victoria Day long weekend.
The trailer is almost ready to go...needs some plumbing...whatever.
I am so stoked to go camping.
This year will be way more enjoyable for Noah! Last year he couldn't do much. He and I had to share a bed while Chris and Brendan shared another. That was no fun.
And Noah ate way more sand than he played with last year. This year I am sure he will play with it. Also he had more luggage last year.
This year he is down to a 1 bag limit. And if he's not careful I might potty train the little bugger.
On second thought that would be a step backwards wouldn't it.
note to self...potty train Noah in the FALL/WINTER when the time comes..this will make camping season less hectic
Camping with kids is never as relaxing as it is without kids. Often times we come home more exhausted than we were when we left! But it's never fun without the kids and we've only ever had one weekend without a kid camping with us.
It was filled with alcohol. And hang overs and sex on the beach.
and hang overs.
Also we don't know how to function without them. Don't know when to eat or sleep or shower. It's sad.

Brendan went to Germany last fall for 2 weeks and Chris and i were lost! Noah was still eating baby food so he was fine, but we forgot to buy groceries have actually said OUT LOUD to each other...well we have food for Noah we don't need to go shopping cause Brendan's not here.
We stayed up late and ate junkfood for 4 days before coming to our senses.
Chris took a week off and we went to my sister's house. She put us back on track.

I think Chris is buying me a digital camera for an early birthday present. It's on sale this week. It's not highend..but functional and heaven's knows the kids will get a hold of it.'s HIS birthday on Monday and I have no idea what to get him.
a BBQ maybe...cause ours is 8 yrs old and dead.
BUT he's getting me a camera...and giving it to me probably before his birthday.


Anyway back to Chris....what do I get him?
He wants a table of the few power tools he doesn't own...however, he is allergic to wood dust and I am afraid he will cut off a finger or worse.

oh well. I will think of something for sure.

You know that scene in Punch Drunk Love where Adam Sandler kicks the windows in? yeah I feel like that today.
Or the scene where Adam Sandler is in Philip Seymore Hoffman's face telling him how much rage he has? yeah that's me today.

I have PMS and I am going to kill someone.

So I think this means I will be menstruating for my the rain.

Oh this day is getting better and better.

oh I posted a new picture as well. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Wettest run in history...or not

Ran the race route tonight, just to try it on for size. It was big.
Anyway it rained like bastard..SO HARD! My running pants were finally so wet after about 7 k that they were stretching! My shoes were jacket was like a second skin.
Luckily it was warm. Not cold at all.
The route is great...not to hilly. Well I mean compared to what we usually run! At least in the race we get about 3 or 4 k without a hill! Here in town the hills are everywhere and usually are right at the beginning of our routes.

BOY OH BOY could I feel my slackerness tonight. I could totally tell I've missed two runs. I was was a real effort tonight. BUt I feel SOOOO great now.

thank god for running shoes.

Go and see my pictures...well picture since I can only upload ONE A DAY! What's up with that?!

Hairy Business

So up until a couple (3 or 4) months ago I had long long hair..past the middle of my back long curly hair. Which I enjoyed...mostly. Long swirly golden hair (my son used to describe it as such)
My hubby mostly enjoyed this hair as well (even though I had almost none when we pixie cut).

HOWEVER through the magic of child birth I went from lovely flowing locks to limp thinning scraggly clumps with nary (sp?) a curl to be found.

So after almost a year of trim and highlights and mousse and other fruitless efforts I cut it all off. I THOUGHT that my new straight thinner hair would be perfect for a long bob...I was wrong...
Let me tell you my hairdresser story.

Since I usually get my hair done in the city we fled 3 years ago, I decided it was time to find a local hairdresser and be done with it. A friend of mine recommended one. Excellent!
I made an appointment for myself and my younger (by 8 years) sister who was visiting and has sinfully bad hair practices.
We arrived a little late, I got lost. Stef is quickly ushered into the chair (which is located in an addition at the back of her house!!!) and the chit chat begins.
"So? Do you go to highschool here?" Hairdresser asks
She thinks we are SO young! She thinks I am in highschool too...I love this old broad. She's getting a big fat tip.
blah blah blah...her hair is done and now it's my turn.

So after the washing and draping is finished she starts her chatter with me.
"so did you move here with your husband or have you always lived here?"
"uh yeah...he has his own business...blah blah blah"
So we move on to what I want done with my hair.
I say the words LONG LAYERED BOB to her and it's like I'm speaking pig latin.
OK she says....(wrong...not ok)
Then I mention that I may want bangs as it had been about 10 yrs since I had grown them out.
"oh" she says "well....maybe just some wispy ones cause your face is.....round and FULL"
old crone called me fat
"also" she adds "for it to really be a bob it needs to be cut to your jaw line otherwise it would just be a all one length"
cut cut cut snip snip snip....mountains of hair falling to the floor...UGLY wispy bangs are added.
Then she says "maybe in the spring you will come back so we can cover up all this silver"
I LOSE IT! I grab her by her little dykey hair do and smash her head in the cheap mirror in front of me.
THEN I stick her under the tap and hold her there until she promises to stop being such a bitch!
ok...well maybe not but MAN ALIVE!
I didn't let her dry it and I didn't tip her....much.
NOW months later I have a horrible grown out bob that has gross bangs that have recently decided to CURL!
I HATE it...I want my nice hair back.

whoa is me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

stop me if you've heard this before

I totally skipped my run lastnight. And now I feel guilty about it. I DREAMT about running lastnight. Just running. It was effortless and lovely and I wasn't too hot to cold or too fast or anything. I was just running and it was beautiful.
Of course that is far from the reality. Running for me is hard and I have to work at it. Every time I run I want to STOP in the first 2-3 km and give up. I wonder why I am there pretending to be a runner...all chubby and stuff.
Then it gets easier...not easy just easier. And enjoyable. And then I remember I Love to run not matter how fast/slow I am (because there are a few people slower than I!)

I need to eat better. I ate a Joe Louis this morning. I should be shot for that. Since Easter I have eaten my own weight in tiny foil eggs! And yesterday? I wondered why the scale said I gained a couple of pounds.

I've decided to not do the trail running just now. They run the trails that Chris and I take our mountain bikes through. Let me tell you they are scary enough with helmets and aluminum frames nevermind just barreling through on foot.
A lot of them have injuries from it and I don't know that I would come back after an injury. I am like that. So I will run the roads and easy trails for now...maybe venture back there later on in the year.

Did I tell you that Chris brought home a puppy?
well yes he did.
He finished a basement for some people that have way too much money but not enough to time to spend it. Anyway they bought this puppy ($700.00) a few months ago but have no time for it...and after Chris spent 2 weeks with her and she loved him, they convinced him to take her home.
So Dori (formerly known as Dolly) came home. She is too cute. Normally I am a person who enjoys bigger dogs (our last dog weighed over 100lbs redbone coonhound) and didn't think I would like little dogs at all.
BUT I LOVE HER! She comes everywhere with us, for drives, for walks and for bike rides (she rides in the trailer with Noah). I want to take her shopping but Chris is afraid I will put her in a snugli. (I just might).
She's a bi-poo or poo-bi...or bich-poo or something...very just and curly and cuddly.

enough of that!

Monday, April 19, 2004

the end of my deck

So this weekend? I helped hubby build our new deck. You must understand in the 2 years we have lived here I have longed for deck. So when hubby decided to do it this weekend I was ALL over it.
Hubby is self-employed in the renovations world and does this sort of thing everyday.
I, on the other hand am a stay at home mom that used to work in a cushy office and helped people with their outlook issues and teach them for the ten thousandth time how to find the network printer.
SO I was not at all prepared to the level of work hubby would be throwing at me this weekend.
holy crap...10 hours both days of grueling back breaking work. And I decided after the first load of lumber that I would no longer be participating in the moving of future lumber.
I helped move boards in the framed...I screwed 9lb of screws! 9lbs!
I hammered and leveled and stained...I did not saw (saws scare me)
it looks awesome.
It's 12x20ft with 2 10ft benches..railings and gate. LOVE IT.
sadly I am too exhausted to enjoy it.
lastnight I was delirious. I took a back pill (god sent) and quickly became comfortably numb which rapidly progressed to babbling fool and finally drooling idiot.

But the deck is done, save for some additional staining.
And soon we will be enjoying it. Though I was just out there calling the dogs and I noticed I could see my breath.

Did not run tonight....too fucking tired for that shit.
They are running 10k would've killed. Will do it tomorrow and then 13k on Wednesday.

Race on Sunday.
Hip hip

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I totally underestimated the amount of work that Chris actually does in a day or week. He is my new work god and I hate him for making me feel so humbled.
I am always bugging him about how I am in such better shape than he is cause I run a minimum of 3 times a week about 30k in total. But he whipped my ass this weekend..I was a zombie long before he was both days.


at the end of my deck

Friday, April 16, 2004

Did I have a stroke in the night?

Cause suddenly this morning I cannot seem to unwrap the little foil eggs I am trying to consume.
WHAT IS WRONG With me. I am filled with panic. I NEED this chocolate. I NEED IT....I HAVE TO HAVE IT.
Maybe they are defective and the foil is somehow sticky...although yesterday I had no problem opening them.

Hmmm...since I have no fillings I might just eat the foil too.
The dog does it...doesn't seem to bother her very much.

In other news:
I know this doesn't sound like huge fun to some...but to me...this mean tea in the sun in the mornings. This
mean post run stretches out back and NOT out front with my ASS pointed to the sky all the world to see. This means containment of my 16 month old and much much less stress at outside play time.
However, my backyard neighbours newly named Mr and Mrs Nosey Parker will be out in all their glory or at least overtly staring from one of the 2nd floor bedroom windows.
Good thing I will be wearing work gloves as this will make flipping them off that much more obvious.
It's official, I hate them AND their ugly kids (no really they're ugly..I'm not just makin that up.)

Today is 5k Friday...have logged 32km since last friday (I know..doesn't sound much to some runners but it's a lot for me in just 3 runs) I NEED an easy 5k tonight. I loved doing 12 on Wednesday and I will love doing 13 next Wednesday but tonight I need something easy (but still hilly to work my ass).

I might go biking this aft..nothing hard since I will have little Noah in the trailer behind me.
Nice and easy.
We shall see.

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope to make a full recovery from my stroke...oh look I finally unwrapped one (12 more to go) things are already looking up.


p.s. I wish spell checkers had Canadian (british) spelling in them....for example colour is ALWAYS flagged by spell check as is neighbour.
PISS OFF with that!

Thursday, April 15, 2004


So lastnight's run was beautiful..again we went along the river. But this time we went about 2km farther.

I loved everything about lastnight's run. Except of course the first 2km which always suck and hurt and I sayd to myself "why am I pretending that I am runner? I can't run? I need to stop and go back? Why did I sign up for another race? So I can look like a knob infront of everyone?"
And then as if my magic...I hit around the 2km mark (sometimes longer) and suddenly everything is in sync (not the band) and I feel like I can run forever.

And sometimes (like lastnight)I never feel tired and my legs will carry me as far as I want (which currently has never been farther than 12 kilometers).

I have another race to do next weekend. This one is 10k start to finish. So we will all start together and all finish together..which should be fun. And then beer and lunch (most importantly).

Baby is up!
Better feed the little bugger.

ciao bellas!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004






not only am I opposed to the entire idea of a seal hunt but can we use a better weapon please? How horrible of a job is that?

I know I know...the seals eat ALL of the fish so the fisherman are out of work! And then WE can't eat all the fish.
What happens in the summer when the bears eat all the blueberries...I think I will start bludgeoning them to death!
And what about those fucking rabbits and the lettuce! I am thinking cattle prod UP THE ASS!

Come on!

I remember this seal issue from the 70's when I was a kid my mom had a seal skin coat (they are from Newfoundland). And I was appalled! And when she finally threw it out and we took it to the dump...I emptied their overflowing car ashtray on it. Cause I was also appalled at people going through our garbage. WHILE WE WERE STILL THERE!

Well my mother is IM-ing me..and she is driving me to drink.

GOD I hate her incessant computer questions...if they weren't the same ones over and over again it would be different.

I think I'm grouchy.
I'm pretty sure I'm grouchy
Thank GOD I run tonight.

I wish I still smoked pot...I liked that.

I miss that sometimes... not always...just sometimes.
Like when I am frustrated or plagued with insomnia (often they go hand in hand)
Or when we are watching a STUPID funny movie.

Oh is up...stupid dog woke him.

more later.
with WIT!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Go and vote for Doug's Band Public Domain.

A Pet Peeve


So I read some blog and online journals. I do...and I really enjoy a few of them and make sure to pop in at least once a day to see what's up and read the comments section (some).
Anyway, have you noticed how SOOO many people kiss ass on those comment threads?
"ohh I love you you are are the best."
"I envy your wife"
What the fuck is that?

You don't know him well enough to envy his wife.
Maybe he smells.
You don't know.

I HATE that.
Sure leave a comment...Anecdote even.
But stop it with the ass kissing.

That would creep me out.
(not much of a threat of it happening..but you get me I'm sure)

In other news.

All of this running..has lost me....20lbs...20lb in 9 months!
bulimia would've been more efficient!
But muscle does weigh more than fat and all that but still!
Oh well. 20lbs more to go..not too bad.

I guess I will go and eat another ding dong....

complain complain complain

So I ran lastnight and we decided to run a route that we usually avoid as it starts with a HUGE hill and includes a flat loop that we must do twice (it's only 1k or 1.5k each round) to make it 10k. ANYWAY, one of the girlies I run with complains NONE STOP. The 3 km it too for us to get to the loopy part she complained and insisted we only go once around and "find somewhere else to add on the mileage".
So finally we are half way around the loop the first time and she says..let's just do 9k and only go around once and the go back.
So we took a vote and we all decided to go twice and she could wait for us on the other road is she pleased.
It was pathetic, she is SO self centered...and was appallled that we didn't cut our run short just for her.
We talked about training for half marathon and she already proclaimed that she didn't ever want to run that far so why does she have an opinion. She says "I want to get faster at 10 before I increase anymore"
Well that's fine for you then...cut out at 10k and we will continue on.
She annoys me and we have much more fun without her.

I kind of don't like fact I think we all kind of don't like her but we all pretend to.


I almost pushed her into traffic lastnight.
She was SO miffed we went round again..I MEAN COME ON!

Sorry it's raining/snowing here today so I have nothing better to give you right now...I will work on it and get back to you.


Sunday, April 11, 2004

Yeah so..dinner with the

So we had Easter dinner at Chris's father's condo which he shares with Ruth. His..uh...girlfriend. Her daughter and granddaughter were also there.

I kind of got the feeling that we were invited unbeknownst to Ruth and daughter. Cause dinner was sort seemed unplanned

First of all I called to see what I should bring...NOTHING I was told. Ok...Cause I don't mind making desert..really I don't. NOPE!

OK, we get there...and there is nothing in the oven, nothing on the stove. The condo doesn't smell of homemade german goodness.

A couple of hours later the daughter arrives with a shopping cart (the personal kind..not the kind at the store) full of cooked food. (She lives a couple of floors above). Another couple of hours goes by and...finally it's time to eat.
No wine...alright I can deal with that.
no napkins....huh?
Dinner consisted of: ham (yummy), white rice (plain), one head of broccoli (cooked whole-odd), carrots and parsnips and perogies.What? Also, sour cream, gravy and hollandaise sauce that was not like any hollandaise sauce I've ever had...(she made it with LEMON AND MAYO..that;s IT!)
then we sat around and watched Noah and Brendan play.

SOOOO weird.

Also I got to fix his computer again.
How lovely for me.
Then he called me smart and told me everyone thinks so.

Now I am I did NOT want to eat all that fat at dinner. I had one piece of ham (not fat) and 2 perogies...they were FRIED WITH BACON IN BUTTER!

I will just fill myself with tiny foil eggs.

ahhhhh nirvana

ahhhh a sigh of relief

After having a few frustrating days...our trip up north got canceled.
So I was able to meet my running group for a run this afternoon. Friday is usually only 5k but today was so lovely we just kept going.

We ran along the river and I felt like i could run forever, I was so nice.
I think we ran about 10km I don't have any idea how long it too us. All I know is that it was gorgeous.
Really one of the best runs I've had.

OK this is the 3rd time I've tried to post this...I saved the first 2 paragraphs as draft and added to it...posted it...GONE. Did it again..posted it...GONE!

Damn...I can't write anymore right now.


The Easter Bunny is SO cool.
he is my new boyfriends

Saturday, April 10, 2004

A Run In The Sun

So it was 10 celcius here yesterday and we had a marvelous trail run along the Grand River. It was SO nice. I loved it. Initially we were only going to do 5km (5k fridays) but we left at 4pm instead of the usual 6pm and on the way to the trail (2 km) we decided to go further. Didn't know how much further until we got to the 10k turn around. SOme of us were willing to continue but others wanted to stop.
So we stopped.
It was SO nice to run in the afternoon IN the sun. Not to mention the gorgeous trail we ran in. Not technical at all. It was wide and flat and well groomed.

Tonight we coloured eggs..AFTER the 16 month old was in bed. NO NEED for that kind of mess.

Now we get to play Easter Bunny, I will let you know how that goes...usually we suck.
And I eat A LOT of chocolate.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

DOOCE made me cry (almost)

I could be cleaning...

but I'm not.
Would you think less of me if I told you my house smelled like a boys dorm room? It's not pretty right now. The dogs track in more mud than you can shake a stick at! And as a result Noah (16 months) looked like a child from one of those Foster Parents Plan commercials...
Right now he is protesting a nap.
This is our second try...I will leave him for 15 minutes of complaining (not crying) and then get him. He's been grouchy today so I know he needs a snooze. Plus so do I.

Chris DID not get the bottle filled for the water cooler so now I have to drink diet gingerale to hydrate for my run!
I'm not so sure about this.

Oh god...he's now jumping in his crib, I am not seeing this as a good turn of events.

I am a little pissed with Chris lately. Monday he came home so late I missed my run. Tuesday he came home so late we didn't eat until after 8pm. (no he isn't having an affair he is just working out of really he is...NO REALLY.)
I have threatened him with his life for tonight's run. I WILL kill him.

all is silent at the moment...but a neighbour's dog has started to howl!

I am going to my little home town this weekend. Yup I am THAT much of a glutton for punishment. WHAT AM I THINKING? Not only that, but a girl I have known (and see at least once a month) for 26 years is going to be there too. We are running 10k on Saturday morning to the local chinese restaurant and then going for drinks that night.

whimpering again

I tried to get out of going for drinks for fear of running into someone that I"knew" before I left. Since I am all fat and gross now..not my highschool hotness. But Chris is coming and he loves meeting people (even boys) from my past. It gives him more things to tease me about.
he may be giving in now
oh..false alarm..we have FULL FLEDGED crying now...mellowing some...just whimpers again...crying
again. This is ONE pissed of baby

So we are leaving either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Not sure which yet. I am trying to think of a reason not to go at all...but Brendan is excited...the easter bunny will hide eggs are my parents house.

he is screaming now..I might lose my mind... he fuckin with me?

This new little dog is a handful...she is not getting the concept of house training..sure she will pee outside...if she happens to be there when she needs to go....she will also pee INside if she happens to be there when she needs to go.
I might just kill her.

singing now...just so I'm not bored I suppose

We aren't coming back till Tuesday..I might post from up there...but I doubt it.

intermittent silence and complaining and the occasional cry

Hopefully there will be large amounts of chocolate to eat.
Chris is getting pissed at me cause I keep eating the bags of chocolate chips I buy to bake with (MILK Chocolate chips). He thinks I have's like he's never met another woman or something! HELLO! His mother would eat bitter chocolate while drinking rye and coke!
And I'm the one with issues.

I give. He wins

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Pam meets her back yard neighbour

We took the kids to the park on Saturday and there was a woman there with her 3 kids.

So she comes over to me at the park and says "HI! I think we are back yard neighbours"
"oh" I said "we are on oak"
her: "yeah, we are on Kathleen"
me: uh ok "Hi nice to me you"
She looks over and Dori and says "Is this a new addition to your family?"
uhhhh...ok Dori looks like a puppy this is something she COULD assume I guess
me: "yes we just got her blah blah blah blah"
her "what is the other ones name?"
her "everytime my Mom comes to visit she says..oh that poor dog is outside again"
my gaping open now "oh...well she is only outside when she wants to be...she likes to sit on the back step when it's warm"
(Thinking...shut up bitch, how long do you spend staring out your windows into mine?)
her "so Brendan's in grade 2?"
me "uh yeah grade 2"
her "how old is your baby? how long have you been in town?"
eventually she left.

The whole encounter was weird. I really felt a little paranoid that she had been listening in to your baby monitor (ok ok ONE TIME we listened in to hers...really only once..there were lots of GOD we turned it off..really we did) and now knows all of our dirty little secrets. Plus our back yard is a mess. So I felt guilty about that. What really creeped me out is that she recognized me. Because I have no idea how. Apparently she moved in in July, I was 20lbs heavier and had long curly hair to the middle of my I am lighter and have a short straight bob! I do not go in the backyard until it's all haven't been back there in since LAST summer.
I didn't recognize her! But somehow..she knows me.

How much spying do you think she's done?
Chris totally abandoned me and took Noah on the slide.
I hate him.

p.s. I ate the brownie

There's One Brownie left

and I think I should eat it. I mean I made them for God's sake! (well not really for his sake..more for MY sake under the guise of for my son's sake but still!) FROM SCRATCH!
Granted I did eat MOST of them. But wouldn't saving just one for the hubby just be rude? Ruder then if I ate them all and didn't save him any?

Yeah I thought so too.


Sunday, April 04, 2004

Spring my ass!

It's SNOWING here today. It's -2 Celsius (without the windchill factor) and it's snowing.
Yesterday we walked to the park with sweaters on. Today we will have to wear winter jackets!
I am so done with winter. DONE I tell you.

2 months ago I ran in blizzard, the kind where the tell you to stay home. We ran for an hour.
This week? I swear I will not run if it's below 0. I am that done with winter.

Now I will tell you a funny story. One that Chris seems to share with everyone, I thought it would be one of those stories that only he and I laughed about. Apparently I was wrong. He says it's too funny to keep to ourselves.
I don't even think it's that funny. Here goes.

Last summer we rented a cottage near his father's trailer. It was lovely up there (no where near the lake where we usually camp...infested with mosquitoes but pretty to look at) the little cottage had everything you'd need for a rustic weekend. It slept at least 6. There are 4 of us. And of course we all had to sleep in the same room.
Brendan slept on this little window seat kind of bench thing, good thing he is short.
Chris and I and Noah (who was about 6 or 7 months old at the time) SHARED a double bed. Now Chris and I are small people. I am a whopping 4'9" and he is 5'8" (though he will tell you he's 5'9"...he's not).
Anyway, the baby seemed to take up an ENORMOUS about of room and I, not wanting to squish him, slept as far over as I could...on my back with one are about his head and the other....well.....the other kept hanging off the bed (a strange bed in the wilderness...of COURSE there are monsters under there..not to mention bugs and shit), so I did the only sane thing I could do, I stuck down the waist band of my underwear (on the side you sicko there were CHILDREN in the room) and out the leg hole, effectively restraining my arm and keeping it safe from the bogeyman. I thought this was brilliant. So brilliant in fact that I shared my brilliance with Chris the next day as we discussed the restless sleep we have both endured.
Apparently this seemed odd to him. And he brings it up to this very day. When I say something like "IS that odd?"
He says "not as odd as sleeping with your ARM in your underwear."
umm alright.
See? not that funny...brilliant yes...funny...not so much.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Darn Tootin good advice

So after my race, my 8 year old...we'll call him BRENDAN and my husband (we'll call him CHRIS) gave me a hamster...a dwarf hamster. After reading about them on Rob's site I fell inlove and begged for one.
Instead of roses...I got vermin.

Anyway..the little bastard BITES! Rob has suggested a fish net as remedy to this problem and think he's brilliant for it. I may have to start stalking him now...who knows.

This little hammy hamster (we'll call him Wayne) is the cutest little guy ever. He is grey with a black stripe. One day I will learn to post this blog on the webspace my ISP has granted me and then I will include pictures.
One day

Father in law has asked me to fix his computer (again) (for free!! again). Of course how can I truly say no (or bill him) so I tell him Chris can pick it up and bring it home where I will fix it (he smokes in his office at home and it grosses me out too much). OK! He says, but it HAS to be back here on Saturday HAS TO BE! Please keep in mind that this man runs a small painting company. He makes good money but an enterprise he is not. My first reaction was of course "FUCK YOU FIX IT YOURSELF BIATCH!"
But then remember he is my father in law and he holds the mortgage on our house.
So I'm fixing it...and will have it Sunday.

He did the same thing asking to make a collage of a BUNCH of very old photos for him to take to Germany with him. I am NO graphics or photo person, so just did the best I could with my all in one printer and some corel software...And I think it turned out well...but it took 7 tries and ONE indignant exit for him to finally say it was good enough.
DO IT YOURSELF! I mean seriously...I am not begging you for these thankless tasks. YOU ASKED ME. These photos were 40 years old and he wants the tiny faces in enlarged AND clear.

I might hate my father in law.

This is nothing new really.
it come and goes.
Like genital warts

p.s. consider think the spell checker at blogger does not have the word BLOG in their dictionary. hmmm

Welcome to Canada

Good lord.

Look at this . How funny is that?

We love April 1st here in Canada. Damn we are a funny funny nation