Friday, April 23, 2004

5k Friday

It's 5k Friday!! YAHOO!
I didn't kill anyone yesterday! And this morning when I woke up? Chris had gone to the bakery and brought me home pastries. LOVE HIM.

The run tonight will be short and easy as not to exhaust ourselves for our upcoming event *ahem*. It may or may not be followed by huge amounts of chinese food. But I am totally leaning towards it.

I am still feeling a little crabby today, for example I am mad at all the runners in my running group and I don't even know why. It's so stupid and totally hormonal. I will get over it I'm sure.

I haven't run 5 in a while. Last time we actually set out to do 5 we did 10 cause it was the first nice day in spring.

In other cordless phone is NOT working! And it's the ONLY phone we have now. We've had it for about 5 years I think. It's a V-tec and we paid a decent amount of money for it at the time. And since it has never broken before we have slowly fazed out any other phone in the house. I don't ever want to wake up to a ringing phone so I don't have on in my bedroom. Anyway so today I cannot answer the phone. The machine can though so that good news. The phone just keeps searching for a channel.

DAMN looks like a new phone purchase is in order. Maybe THAT can be Chris' birthday gift. A brand spankin new phone! heh.

His birthday is about 2 weeks before mine.
And he is 6 years older than I am. He turned 30 WAY before me.
He is turning 38 this year! (I will be 32). I LOVE that about him...heh

However, this year I get ripped off again. My birthday is AGAIN falling on mother's day! How is that for a rip? So they kill two birds with one stone. Not fair.
Meanwhile I will be over the bitterness of it but June and Chris will get a full fledged father's day!
I hate that about him.

One year he forgot my birthday...he will never ever admit it but he did forget it.

I added another picture for you to gaze at. I promise they won't ALL be of my kids.Just wait till I get my new camera...then you will see lots.
I am hoping to take it to the race on Sunday and take some pics of random runners in action.
We shall see.