Tuesday, April 13, 2004

complain complain complain

So I ran lastnight and we decided to run a route that we usually avoid as it starts with a HUGE hill and includes a flat loop that we must do twice (it's only 1k or 1.5k each round) to make it 10k. ANYWAY, one of the girlies I run with complains NONE STOP. The 3 km it too for us to get to the loopy part she complained and insisted we only go once around and "find somewhere else to add on the mileage".
So finally we are half way around the loop the first time and she says..let's just do 9k and only go around once and the go back.
So we took a vote and we all decided to go twice and she could wait for us on the other road is she pleased.
It was pathetic, she is SO self centered...and was appallled that we didn't cut our run short just for her.
We talked about training for half marathon and she already proclaimed that she didn't ever want to run that far so why does she have an opinion. She says "I want to get faster at 10 before I increase anymore"
Well that's fine for you then...cut out at 10k and we will continue on.
She annoys me and we have much more fun without her.

I kind of don't like her...in fact I think we all kind of don't like her but we all pretend to.


I almost pushed her into traffic lastnight.
She was SO miffed we went round again..I MEAN COME ON!

Sorry it's raining/snowing here today so I have nothing better to give you right now...I will work on it and get back to you.