Thursday, April 01, 2004

Darn Tootin good advice

So after my race, my 8 year old...we'll call him BRENDAN and my husband (we'll call him CHRIS) gave me a hamster...a dwarf hamster. After reading about them on Rob's site I fell inlove and begged for one.
Instead of roses...I got vermin.

Anyway..the little bastard BITES! Rob has suggested a fish net as remedy to this problem and think he's brilliant for it. I may have to start stalking him now...who knows.

This little hammy hamster (we'll call him Wayne) is the cutest little guy ever. He is grey with a black stripe. One day I will learn to post this blog on the webspace my ISP has granted me and then I will include pictures.
One day

Father in law has asked me to fix his computer (again) (for free!! again). Of course how can I truly say no (or bill him) so I tell him Chris can pick it up and bring it home where I will fix it (he smokes in his office at home and it grosses me out too much). OK! He says, but it HAS to be back here on Saturday HAS TO BE! Please keep in mind that this man runs a small painting company. He makes good money but an enterprise he is not. My first reaction was of course "FUCK YOU FIX IT YOURSELF BIATCH!"
But then remember he is my father in law and he holds the mortgage on our house.
So I'm fixing it...and will have it Sunday.

He did the same thing asking to make a collage of a BUNCH of very old photos for him to take to Germany with him. I am NO graphics or photo person, so just did the best I could with my all in one printer and some corel software...And I think it turned out well...but it took 7 tries and ONE indignant exit for him to finally say it was good enough.
DO IT YOURSELF! I mean seriously...I am not begging you for these thankless tasks. YOU ASKED ME. These photos were 40 years old and he wants the tiny faces in enlarged AND clear.

I might hate my father in law.

This is nothing new really.
it come and goes.
Like genital warts

p.s. consider think the spell checker at blogger does not have the word BLOG in their dictionary. hmmm