Friday, April 16, 2004

Did I have a stroke in the night?

Cause suddenly this morning I cannot seem to unwrap the little foil eggs I am trying to consume.
WHAT IS WRONG With me. I am filled with panic. I NEED this chocolate. I NEED IT....I HAVE TO HAVE IT.
Maybe they are defective and the foil is somehow sticky...although yesterday I had no problem opening them.

Hmmm...since I have no fillings I might just eat the foil too.
The dog does it...doesn't seem to bother her very much.

In other news:
I know this doesn't sound like huge fun to some...but to me...this mean tea in the sun in the mornings. This
mean post run stretches out back and NOT out front with my ASS pointed to the sky all the world to see. This means containment of my 16 month old and much much less stress at outside play time.
However, my backyard neighbours newly named Mr and Mrs Nosey Parker will be out in all their glory or at least overtly staring from one of the 2nd floor bedroom windows.
Good thing I will be wearing work gloves as this will make flipping them off that much more obvious.
It's official, I hate them AND their ugly kids (no really they're ugly..I'm not just makin that up.)

Today is 5k Friday...have logged 32km since last friday (I know..doesn't sound much to some runners but it's a lot for me in just 3 runs) I NEED an easy 5k tonight. I loved doing 12 on Wednesday and I will love doing 13 next Wednesday but tonight I need something easy (but still hilly to work my ass).

I might go biking this aft..nothing hard since I will have little Noah in the trailer behind me.
Nice and easy.
We shall see.

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope to make a full recovery from my stroke...oh look I finally unwrapped one (12 more to go) things are already looking up.


p.s. I wish spell checkers had Canadian (british) spelling in them....for example colour is ALWAYS flagged by spell check as is neighbour.
PISS OFF with that!