Monday, April 26, 2004

Finish Line Anxiety

So my race was yesterday, and it was fun. I was a little slower than I would have liked. Certainly not a personal best 10k.
But it was local and no chip time and 2 water stations and a little disorganized. But it was fun non the less.

I learned something on this race. See, during my first (ATB relay) race I became VERY nauseous during the last 500m stretch. I mean GAGGING nausea until I stopped and walked a little had a drink and I was fine. I chalked it up to inexperience and not eating enough before leaving home and definitely not drinking enough. Lesson learned I thought.

Well for this race, I ate closer to start time, drank lots . So I thought I was prepared. I felt great. We had a little warm up run TO the starting line. It was great. The weather was on the coolish side so that was nice.

I ran well, we started off slow like we like to and kick some ass on the hills. (well we did pass SOME people on the hills)

Then at the 5k mark I faded...not sure why just I slowed down and let my little group go on. (they finished a minute or two ahead..RATS!).
And I still felt great!

Then I saw the finish line and immediately felt nauseous! I had maybe 400m to go and I didn't think I could do it without puking!
UNTIL! I heard the pitter patter of feet behind me. And this woman out of nowhere tries to pass me.
Which I did not let her do.
I finished ahead of her and vomit free.
But I think running into this SPOTLIGHT really stresses me out. I am not one for spotlights.
You know?
So I have to work on that.
And maybe gain some speed.
Just Janice says speedwork is in order.
If you say so!