Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hi there...I'm stoned

I have PMS today..for real.
Apparently last week was just a dress rehearsal. Cause today I am NOT happy and I am having some serious cramping. So I took some PMS pills. I don't usually take a pills since I am still nursing.
Apparently I am a hip breastfeeding lunatic that cannot stop!
Cause baby is almost a year and a half.

Anyway back to my pms.
I took some pms pills (ohhh extra strength..nice)
and now I am stoned out of my tree.
My hair feels like it's standing on end.
I am having a hard time forming sentences...I need to sleep.
My husband is at the store buying me chocolate.
I love him for that.
We are going to watch Big Fish tonight. I will let you know how I feel about it.

Janice is helping me with my have marathon training plan. How awesome is she for that? I love her.

I bought some flower bulbs today.
I want to go and plant them but have to wait until it's not going to frost again.
I said that wrong ...just now...frost again....not right.

I caved this week and let my son watch Pirates of the Caribbean....he loves it...Originally I thought it was TOO violent for him...and now that I think of it in my altered state...it IS too violent of him! What's wrong with me...he is watching it right now!
Well I guess there really isn't much death...it is all very much pretend violence...which he totally gets but stilll going against my normal mother code.
I seem to be slipping.
BACK soon..with photos!