Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I could be cleaning...

but I'm not.
Would you think less of me if I told you my house smelled like a boys dorm room? It's not pretty right now. The dogs track in more mud than you can shake a stick at! And as a result Noah (16 months) looked like a child from one of those Foster Parents Plan commercials...
Right now he is protesting a nap.
This is our second try...I will leave him for 15 minutes of complaining (not crying) and then get him. He's been grouchy today so I know he needs a snooze. Plus so do I.

Chris DID not get the bottle filled for the water cooler so now I have to drink diet gingerale to hydrate for my run!
I'm not so sure about this.

Oh god...he's now jumping in his crib, I am not seeing this as a good turn of events.

I am a little pissed with Chris lately. Monday he came home so late I missed my run. Tuesday he came home so late we didn't eat until after 8pm. (no he isn't having an affair he is just working out of really he is...NO REALLY.)
I have threatened him with his life for tonight's run. I WILL kill him.

all is silent at the moment...but a neighbour's dog has started to howl!

I am going to my little home town this weekend. Yup I am THAT much of a glutton for punishment. WHAT AM I THINKING? Not only that, but a girl I have known (and see at least once a month) for 26 years is going to be there too. We are running 10k on Saturday morning to the local chinese restaurant and then going for drinks that night.

whimpering again

I tried to get out of going for drinks for fear of running into someone that I"knew" before I left. Since I am all fat and gross now..not my highschool hotness. But Chris is coming and he loves meeting people (even boys) from my past. It gives him more things to tease me about.
he may be giving in now
oh..false alarm..we have FULL FLEDGED crying now...mellowing some...just whimpers again...crying
again. This is ONE pissed of baby

So we are leaving either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Not sure which yet. I am trying to think of a reason not to go at all...but Brendan is excited...the easter bunny will hide eggs are my parents house.

he is screaming now..I might lose my mind... he fuckin with me?

This new little dog is a handful...she is not getting the concept of house training..sure she will pee outside...if she happens to be there when she needs to go....she will also pee INside if she happens to be there when she needs to go.
I might just kill her.

singing now...just so I'm not bored I suppose

We aren't coming back till Tuesday..I might post from up there...but I doubt it.

intermittent silence and complaining and the occasional cry

Hopefully there will be large amounts of chocolate to eat.
Chris is getting pissed at me cause I keep eating the bags of chocolate chips I buy to bake with (MILK Chocolate chips). He thinks I have's like he's never met another woman or something! HELLO! His mother would eat bitter chocolate while drinking rye and coke!
And I'm the one with issues.

I give. He wins