Wednesday, April 14, 2004

not only am I opposed to the entire idea of a seal hunt but can we use a better weapon please? How horrible of a job is that?

I know I know...the seals eat ALL of the fish so the fisherman are out of work! And then WE can't eat all the fish.
What happens in the summer when the bears eat all the blueberries...I think I will start bludgeoning them to death!
And what about those fucking rabbits and the lettuce! I am thinking cattle prod UP THE ASS!

Come on!

I remember this seal issue from the 70's when I was a kid my mom had a seal skin coat (they are from Newfoundland). And I was appalled! And when she finally threw it out and we took it to the dump...I emptied their overflowing car ashtray on it. Cause I was also appalled at people going through our garbage. WHILE WE WERE STILL THERE!

Well my mother is IM-ing me..and she is driving me to drink.

GOD I hate her incessant computer questions...if they weren't the same ones over and over again it would be different.

I think I'm grouchy.
I'm pretty sure I'm grouchy
Thank GOD I run tonight.

I wish I still smoked pot...I liked that.

I miss that sometimes... not always...just sometimes.
Like when I am frustrated or plagued with insomnia (often they go hand in hand)
Or when we are watching a STUPID funny movie.

Oh is up...stupid dog woke him.

more later.
with WIT!