Thursday, April 29, 2004

Nothing much

Nothing much new happening here.
Janice has designed a training schedule for me that starts on Monday. I am EAGER to get started.

I was so crabby and unreasonable yesterday that I decided (in my OWN HEAD!) that the other women that I run with wouldn't like this plan and have issue with it and want to do something else. I had worked myself into such a snizzy that I had already decided that I was going to follow Janice's plan myself and they could do whatever they liked.
Well it turns out that they are all on bored.
Only one had issues but she has issues with everything (I love her but MAN is she high maintenance) and once the other 2 told her they liked it she was fine with it.

I am happy to start running on Saturday mornings. As it is now we only run in the evenings and when it comes to race time I have a hard time running in the morning.

The weather is beautiful here today I can't wait to spend the day outside with my little guy.

The puppy has SOMEHOW guilted me into not only NOT putting her in her cage at night but actually letting her sleep on the bed. I am not usually an animal on the bed type person.

One time about 5 years ago, chris brought home a redbone coonhound puppy while he was working out of town all week. He came home on the weekends for 6 months. So I was stuck with this puppy (VERY CUTE) long floppy eared hound dog.
Fritzy as he was called did not enjoy sleeping alone, but his big huge floppy feet would not allowed him to walk upstairs for many months and I would have to carry him up.
He would sleep on our bed, keeping me company until chris came home.

Until one morning, after Fritzy had grown and grown to almost hundred pounds (he would later surpass 100lb) I was sleeping sounded and Chris was home for the weekend. I turned over and kissed Chris hand that was laying next to my face. Only...the hand smelled like nacho cheese dorito's..hmmm...oh shit. it's the DOG'S FOOT.
And that was the end of fritzy on the bed. Especially since eventually he was 110lbs and with his back against the foot board his feet would hit my middle somewhere.
But now somehow cute little Dori has made her way on to the bed. She sleeps at the foot and you can barely even tell she is there. So until I started making out with her by accident, I guess she can stay.

footnote: Fritzy is no longer with us. We gave him away just before Noah was born because he was just too big and clumsy and his tail was a lethal weapon. A nice woman who like hiking took him.