Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Pam meets her back yard neighbour

We took the kids to the park on Saturday and there was a woman there with her 3 kids.

So she comes over to me at the park and says "HI! I think we are back yard neighbours"
"oh" I said "we are on oak"
her: "yeah, we are on Kathleen"
me: uh ok "Hi nice to me you"
She looks over and Dori and says "Is this a new addition to your family?"
uhhhh...ok Dori looks like a puppy this is something she COULD assume I guess
me: "yes we just got her blah blah blah blah"
her "what is the other ones name?"
her "everytime my Mom comes to visit she says..oh that poor dog is outside again"
my gaping open now "oh...well she is only outside when she wants to be...she likes to sit on the back step when it's warm"
(Thinking...shut up bitch, how long do you spend staring out your windows into mine?)
her "so Brendan's in grade 2?"
me "uh yeah grade 2"
her "how old is your baby? how long have you been in town?"
eventually she left.

The whole encounter was weird. I really felt a little paranoid that she had been listening in to your baby monitor (ok ok ONE TIME we listened in to hers...really only once..there were lots of GOD songs...so we turned it off..really we did) and now knows all of our dirty little secrets. Plus our back yard is a mess. So I felt guilty about that. What really creeped me out is that she recognized me. Because I have no idea how. Apparently she moved in in July, I was 20lbs heavier and had long curly hair to the middle of my back...now I am lighter and have a short straight bob! I do not go in the backyard until it's all dry..so haven't been back there in ages...like since LAST summer.
I didn't recognize her! But somehow..she knows me.

How much spying do you think she's done?
Chris totally abandoned me and took Noah on the slide.
I hate him.

p.s. I ate the brownie