Thursday, April 15, 2004


So lastnight's run was beautiful..again we went along the river. But this time we went about 2km farther.

I loved everything about lastnight's run. Except of course the first 2km which always suck and hurt and I sayd to myself "why am I pretending that I am runner? I can't run? I need to stop and go back? Why did I sign up for another race? So I can look like a knob infront of everyone?"
And then as if my magic...I hit around the 2km mark (sometimes longer) and suddenly everything is in sync (not the band) and I feel like I can run forever.

And sometimes (like lastnight)I never feel tired and my legs will carry me as far as I want (which currently has never been farther than 12 kilometers).

I have another race to do next weekend. This one is 10k start to finish. So we will all start together and all finish together..which should be fun. And then beer and lunch (most importantly).

Baby is up!
Better feed the little bugger.

ciao bellas!