Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A Pet Peeve


So I read some blog and online journals. I do...and I really enjoy a few of them and make sure to pop in at least once a day to see what's up and read the comments section (some).
Anyway, have you noticed how SOOO many people kiss ass on those comment threads?
"ohh I love you you are are the best."
"I envy your wife"
What the fuck is that?

You don't know him well enough to envy his wife.
Maybe he smells.
You don't know.

I HATE that.
Sure leave a comment...Anecdote even.
But stop it with the ass kissing.

That would creep me out.
(not much of a threat of it happening..but you get me I'm sure)

In other news.

All of this running..has lost me....20lbs...20lb in 9 months!
bulimia would've been more efficient!
But muscle does weigh more than fat and all that but still!
Oh well. 20lbs more to go..not too bad.

I guess I will go and eat another ding dong....