Saturday, April 24, 2004

race tomorrow

So I have race tomorrow.
And I am not all that stressed about it.

I think that doing Around the Bay as my first ever race MAY have been a mistake. Cause really it's a great race. You get a great race packet (complete with a bag of pasta AND gloves). There are TV stations there and radio stations there are cops everywhere. There are free massages.
This race?
NOt so much.
They aren't even stopping TRAFFIC! The race packet had the bib and a sheet of paper that showed the route and said to keep to the RIGHT and run with traffic! WITH IT!
So I guess there aren't going to be 6000 other runners. OK I can deal with that.
I mean I can deal with the whole thing it just seems a know...anti climactic from ATB.
Oh well it's local and we have team shirts WEEE!

And it's supposed to rain like a mofo tomorrow.

Oh well.

We get a medal and deservedly so!

Will write full report tomorrow.