Thursday, April 22, 2004


We just made reservations at our most favorite camp ground in Kincardine for the Victoria Day long weekend.
The trailer is almost ready to go...needs some plumbing...whatever.
I am so stoked to go camping.
This year will be way more enjoyable for Noah! Last year he couldn't do much. He and I had to share a bed while Chris and Brendan shared another. That was no fun.
And Noah ate way more sand than he played with last year. This year I am sure he will play with it. Also he had more luggage last year.
This year he is down to a 1 bag limit. And if he's not careful I might potty train the little bugger.
On second thought that would be a step backwards wouldn't it.
note to self...potty train Noah in the FALL/WINTER when the time comes..this will make camping season less hectic
Camping with kids is never as relaxing as it is without kids. Often times we come home more exhausted than we were when we left! But it's never fun without the kids and we've only ever had one weekend without a kid camping with us.
It was filled with alcohol. And hang overs and sex on the beach.
and hang overs.
Also we don't know how to function without them. Don't know when to eat or sleep or shower. It's sad.

Brendan went to Germany last fall for 2 weeks and Chris and i were lost! Noah was still eating baby food so he was fine, but we forgot to buy groceries have actually said OUT LOUD to each other...well we have food for Noah we don't need to go shopping cause Brendan's not here.
We stayed up late and ate junkfood for 4 days before coming to our senses.
Chris took a week off and we went to my sister's house. She put us back on track.

I think Chris is buying me a digital camera for an early birthday present. It's on sale this week. It's not highend..but functional and heaven's knows the kids will get a hold of it.'s HIS birthday on Monday and I have no idea what to get him.
a BBQ maybe...cause ours is 8 yrs old and dead.
BUT he's getting me a camera...and giving it to me probably before his birthday.


Anyway back to Chris....what do I get him?
He wants a table of the few power tools he doesn't own...however, he is allergic to wood dust and I am afraid he will cut off a finger or worse.

oh well. I will think of something for sure.