Saturday, April 10, 2004

A Run In The Sun

So it was 10 celcius here yesterday and we had a marvelous trail run along the Grand River. It was SO nice. I loved it. Initially we were only going to do 5km (5k fridays) but we left at 4pm instead of the usual 6pm and on the way to the trail (2 km) we decided to go further. Didn't know how much further until we got to the 10k turn around. SOme of us were willing to continue but others wanted to stop.
So we stopped.
It was SO nice to run in the afternoon IN the sun. Not to mention the gorgeous trail we ran in. Not technical at all. It was wide and flat and well groomed.

Tonight we coloured eggs..AFTER the 16 month old was in bed. NO NEED for that kind of mess.

Now we get to play Easter Bunny, I will let you know how that goes...usually we suck.
And I eat A LOT of chocolate.