Monday, April 26, 2004

Shamelessly Stolen from Zoot!

Zoots RAQ'S
1. What is the "theme" on your calendar this year?ummm I have no REAL calendar except for the monthly one that the teacher sends home with Bren.

2. Do you read the newspaper every day? Yes. I read the local paper everyday and the National Post on Saturdays

3. What kind of shoes are you wearing right now? Saucony Grid Stabils. Old running shoes that I wear while working in the yard.

4. What magazines do you subscribe too? Today's Parent

5. What is your favorite condiment? ketchup...the more the better. YUM!

6. What was the first occupation you remember wanting to have? a cashier. Aim high!

7. Are you a green thumb? I SO wish I was...but I am not. I am trying I currently have kept my spider plant alive and thriving since Dec. That's a record

8. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?Donnie and Marie Osmond. They lived in my little cardboard playhouse (it WAS NOT a box! It wasn't!) and would leave on Wednesdays to do their show and my friend donkey would keep me company.

9. Do you floss regularly? I do floss but not everyday..more like once a week...but I do that regularly.

10. If you could still hang posters of celebrities on your walls and get away with it like when you were 12, who would be on your walls right now? Heath Ledger (hubba hubba), Johnny Depp, Wolverine.

11. Do you keep shoe boxes or throw them away? my oldest son hordes them in his room until I find them and throw them out.

12. Would you be embarrassed if someone looked under your bed? yes...I keep the monsters there.

13. If you could be one character in book, who would you be? Lucky Santangilo

14. What do you sleep in? a tank top or t shirt.

15. What is your favorite word? esstentially