Sunday, April 04, 2004

Spring my ass!

It's SNOWING here today. It's -2 Celsius (without the windchill factor) and it's snowing.
Yesterday we walked to the park with sweaters on. Today we will have to wear winter jackets!
I am so done with winter. DONE I tell you.

2 months ago I ran in blizzard, the kind where the tell you to stay home. We ran for an hour.
This week? I swear I will not run if it's below 0. I am that done with winter.

Now I will tell you a funny story. One that Chris seems to share with everyone, I thought it would be one of those stories that only he and I laughed about. Apparently I was wrong. He says it's too funny to keep to ourselves.
I don't even think it's that funny. Here goes.

Last summer we rented a cottage near his father's trailer. It was lovely up there (no where near the lake where we usually camp...infested with mosquitoes but pretty to look at) the little cottage had everything you'd need for a rustic weekend. It slept at least 6. There are 4 of us. And of course we all had to sleep in the same room.
Brendan slept on this little window seat kind of bench thing, good thing he is short.
Chris and I and Noah (who was about 6 or 7 months old at the time) SHARED a double bed. Now Chris and I are small people. I am a whopping 4'9" and he is 5'8" (though he will tell you he's 5'9"...he's not).
Anyway, the baby seemed to take up an ENORMOUS about of room and I, not wanting to squish him, slept as far over as I could...on my back with one are about his head and the other....well.....the other kept hanging off the bed (a strange bed in the wilderness...of COURSE there are monsters under there..not to mention bugs and shit), so I did the only sane thing I could do, I stuck down the waist band of my underwear (on the side you sicko there were CHILDREN in the room) and out the leg hole, effectively restraining my arm and keeping it safe from the bogeyman. I thought this was brilliant. So brilliant in fact that I shared my brilliance with Chris the next day as we discussed the restless sleep we have both endured.
Apparently this seemed odd to him. And he brings it up to this very day. When I say something like "IS that odd?"
He says "not as odd as sleeping with your ARM in your underwear."
umm alright.
See? not that funny...brilliant yes...funny...not so much.