Tuesday, April 20, 2004

stop me if you've heard this before

I totally skipped my run lastnight. And now I feel guilty about it. I DREAMT about running lastnight. Just running. It was effortless and lovely and I wasn't too hot to cold or too fast or anything. I was just running and it was beautiful.
Of course that is far from the reality. Running for me is hard and I have to work at it. Every time I run I want to STOP in the first 2-3 km and give up. I wonder why I am there pretending to be a runner...all chubby and stuff.
Then it gets easier...not easy just easier. And enjoyable. And then I remember I Love to run not matter how fast/slow I am (because there are a few people slower than I!)

I need to eat better. I ate a Joe Louis this morning. I should be shot for that. Since Easter I have eaten my own weight in tiny foil eggs! And yesterday? I wondered why the scale said I gained a couple of pounds.

I've decided to not do the trail running just now. They run the trails that Chris and I take our mountain bikes through. Let me tell you they are scary enough with helmets and aluminum frames nevermind just barreling through on foot.
A lot of them have injuries from it and I don't know that I would come back after an injury. I am like that. So I will run the roads and easy trails for now...maybe venture back there later on in the year.

Did I tell you that Chris brought home a puppy?
well yes he did.
He finished a basement for some people that have way too much money but not enough to time to spend it. Anyway they bought this puppy ($700.00) a few months ago but have no time for it...and after Chris spent 2 weeks with her and she loved him, they convinced him to take her home.
So Dori (formerly known as Dolly) came home. She is too cute. Normally I am a person who enjoys bigger dogs (our last dog weighed over 100lbs redbone coonhound) and didn't think I would like little dogs at all.
BUT I LOVE HER! She comes everywhere with us, for drives, for walks and for bike rides (she rides in the trailer with Noah). I want to take her shopping but Chris is afraid I will put her in a snugli. (I just might).
She's a bi-poo or poo-bi...or bich-poo or something...very just and curly and cuddly.

enough of that!