Sunday, April 11, 2004

Yeah so..dinner with the

So we had Easter dinner at Chris's father's condo which he shares with Ruth. His..uh...girlfriend. Her daughter and granddaughter were also there.

I kind of got the feeling that we were invited unbeknownst to Ruth and daughter. Cause dinner was sort seemed unplanned

First of all I called to see what I should bring...NOTHING I was told. Ok...Cause I don't mind making desert..really I don't. NOPE!

OK, we get there...and there is nothing in the oven, nothing on the stove. The condo doesn't smell of homemade german goodness.

A couple of hours later the daughter arrives with a shopping cart (the personal kind..not the kind at the store) full of cooked food. (She lives a couple of floors above). Another couple of hours goes by and...finally it's time to eat.
No wine...alright I can deal with that.
no napkins....huh?
Dinner consisted of: ham (yummy), white rice (plain), one head of broccoli (cooked whole-odd), carrots and parsnips and perogies.What? Also, sour cream, gravy and hollandaise sauce that was not like any hollandaise sauce I've ever had...(she made it with LEMON AND MAYO..that;s IT!)
then we sat around and watched Noah and Brendan play.

SOOOO weird.

Also I got to fix his computer again.
How lovely for me.
Then he called me smart and told me everyone thinks so.

Now I am I did NOT want to eat all that fat at dinner. I had one piece of ham (not fat) and 2 perogies...they were FRIED WITH BACON IN BUTTER!

I will just fill myself with tiny foil eggs.

ahhhhh nirvana