Monday, May 31, 2004

Much Ado about who knows what

Well I feel sort of bad for bombarding Zoot with endless countless emails about my great disappearing blog. I could not for the life of me fix it.
I got read of all my additions no good.
Changed templates
no good.

Then realized that it happened after one certain post.

Deleted it.

All fixed.

Changed my colour you like?
After looking at all those templates I think this is more summery.

Thanks Zoot.

Ignore my many many annoying emails.

I will let you retain your god like rights on my blog.

Spare Keyboard from Heaven

(why was there a huge space at the top of my blog? I have done nothing to the code and can't find anything in there to make such a huge space...any suggestions? Is it gone now?)

Found the old IBM keyboard with the red wine stain on the number pad. Odd cause I thought I threw it out.

Turns out that rinsing the keyboard was NOT a great idea. Though it did remove the stickiness quite nicely, it also removed all functionality which was not a desirable effect.

So we found this one in the basement. I forgot how much I love this keyboard. It's perfectly clicky but soft at the same time. Plus you cannot kill and IBM keyboard. The number pad is still working even after the red wine the I spilled on it nearly two years ago. It's not pretty but it's typing!

Today, though not a national holiday in Canada (that was last Monday), my hubby is home from work. You see he is supposed to working WAY up in the air on the steel roof of a century home in a near by town, but it's thundering and blowing like a bitch today so he decided to stay home and do some work around here (read:nap on the couch). He is however taking the baby for a shot later today, so that's good cause I hate doing that. I think this is his last one for a while, or maybe that's at 24 months that he great a break.

OH I do have a story.
Yesterday was glorious. Sunny and warm but not hot or muggy. I decided to take my little family bike riding on the trail that I run. We could go to the look out and check out the river and have a marvelously tranquil day together. Brendan on his little bike, Chris on his, me on mine towing Noah behind in the chariot trailer.
Brendan loved that trailer as a tot, he would sit in there literally for hours and let me bike all over Kitchener (the city we used to live in). He would sleep back there, have snacks and drink.
Noah, the anti-Brendan, HATES it. H-A-T-E-S it. His screaming was only interrupted by a continuous stream of "down? down? down? down? down? down? down? down?"
We went 5km maybe..and that took us an hour, since we had an 18month old jogging along the side the bikes. He kept up pretty good too, until we hit that hill. (KIDDING!)
We took turns walking with him and chasing him. Eventually though he got too tired and the bike we were walking got to cumbersome, so chris stuck him in the trailer and peddled as fast as he could back to the truck.
Brendan and I biked slowly behind, SLOWLY because he decided he had to bring home a 6 foot long stick. He loves sticks almost as much as rocks. Most of my clothing are literally stone washed since I find a ton or so in the machine every time I do the wash.

Anyway I took some pics and so did Chris. Enjoy.

Friday, May 28, 2004

New hair colour. Highlights actually but they took over mywhole head.  Posted by Hello

Feelin Snarky A Little Bit

I have this friend, that I met through running of course, she is a Barbie. No seriously she IS! She has products that I can't figure out what to do with. One day I mentioned that my eyebrows bleach in the sun and disappear by mid summer and that I didn't like penciling them in cause then they looked you know, penciled in. Immediately she tells me of two products to try. One was clinque and the other one is not available in Canada but she just happens to have an extra one and brings it to me the next time we meet.

Anyway this was originally going to be a post bitching about how she just made me feel like shit for being a stay at home mom and doing nothing all day. But as I was typing all the bitchy parts she emailed me and said this "Get over yourself. I didn't mean it like that"
And I started laughing so hard..cause I mean really. She's right.
I am such an asshole sometimes. I would have totally brooded about that all afternoon. And she clears it all up with two short sentences (technically NOT sentences phrases perhaps).
Funny lady.
But really she is barbie. At her office the call her Real Estate Barbie.

Anyway do you think I miss working? I mean everyone else is a bazillion times more stressed about things than I am and more hectic. I think I might be a bit jealous. Sometimes I feel like...HOLY CRAP I need to get a job! I need to make my own money! I need to be productive. Give me that computer...let me fix it! But I cannot imagine leaving little Noah with someone else to raise him 40+ hours a week. I could do something part time but really WHERE in this town will I find something part time that does not include "Do you want fries with that?". And I, my friends am NOT going there.

Beside it would interfere with my running career.

Gotta figure something out.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Wasn't Kevin Costner in that?

You would've thought so with the length of the Return of The King.
Good movie though. I really enjoyed it. But I kept expecting something to get REALLY creepy and it didn't happen.

Remember in the first one..Bilbo went all creepy when he wanted the ring back...eyes kind of bugged out? CREEPY! And Also..Kate Blanchet went a little creepy in the woods in that one.

In the second one Gollum and his monologue at one point gave me goosebumps he was so creepy. Wait..was it a monologue? He was talking to his other maybe it was a dialogue..EITHER way...creeped me out.

In this movie I kept waiting for one point hiding my eyes but it didn't happen.

Can I just add that Orlando Bloom is beautiful? If I was 12..I would totally cover my walls with him (and Viggo baby). I wish I was 12

I thought I would mention that my children maybe the weirdest kids ever.
When Brendan was small, he would constantly get into my cupboard and come out with a potato. He would carry said spud around the house until he went to bed, at that point I would reclaim it and put it back in the bag. One time we found one in the couch a considerable amount of time later (months?) and it was so shriveled that we couldn't really identify it. It was named potato by default.
Noah seems just as enamored by ONIONS! Though in his defense he thinks they are balls (his one true love). He sometimes drags a whole net bag through the living room, leaving a trail of paper onion skins behind for the dogs to fight over.
I tried to explain to Noah that they were not balls at all, and were in fact food (ok THAT is his one true love..balls are more of a crush). He looked at me unconvinced and proceeded to take a bite! Admittedly it was small tiny nibble. Enough though, I thought to make my point that it was indeed food.
Uh no.
He looked at me like I had tried to pull the wool over his eyes, spat out the morsel and tossed the onion on the floor.
So now my living room is riddled with countless onions (technically I am sure I could count them,..but who wants to), the floors are covered in ground up onion skins and the whole place smells like freshly chopped onions. Which, incidentally smells alot like B.O.


UPDATE on the Nosey Parkers:

Apparently I have done something to offend them, cause she no longer waves and says hello to me over the fence! And he never comes to the fence to admire our new deck. HA!
I am kind of proud of that. Brendan got a bit of a scoop, her littles ones are not allowed to play with Yugio (sp) cards because it would mean that they do not love Jesus.
uh huh.
religous freaks..clearly

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I know..I'm beautiful. LOL. Posted by Hello

Nothing to Blog

There is NOTHING happening right now interesting enough to blog about.

I can't run much this week, as my shins are causing me great pain.

My friend and I highlighted my hair, it turned out ok. It looks more like I lightened my hold head but I can live with that I guess.

We watched some movie this weekend...I're shocked.

Cat In The Hat....He really does sound like Charles Nelson Riley. Wasn't the best kids movie around..way too many adult jokes.."Dirty Hoe"? Not cool in front of an 8 year old. But the fish was funny and Chris thought Kelly Prestons boobs were lovely.

Paycheck...I was NOT excited to see this movie. Ben Afflect disappoints me usually. Daredevil is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. However, paycheck was alright. It was entertaining. I thought I would hate it, cause usually the whole backwards movie thing really bugs me, but this time it sort of worked. Although, I wish they would stop trying to make him tough, cause he's not. And that's fine, just give him a gun or something. You know?

Watched half of Lord of The Ring: Return of the Hubba Hubba King.
Loving it so far. I loved these boos in high school and I am loving the movies. Gollum is wicked creepy. But the hubba hubba's are still Hubba hubba's (and I am NOT talking about any hobbits!).
Anyway well done and all that. We are watching the other half tonight. Do you think that makes us old? Having to watch it in two installments? We are pathetic.

Well the baby is up...and I need to be with him for a bit since he was awake until MIDNIGHT! In bed at 8pm as usual...up at 11pm till 12!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Garage Sales

We decided to go to some garage sales (yard sale, lawn sale, rummage sale, garden sale etc) out in the country today.
BOY did we buy some stuff.

Our Haul:
One red love seat type chair that may or may not be antique, covered in bird shit and will be cleaned tomorrow.- $70.00
One HUGE brandy snifter filled with different coloured bird eggs and one Ukrainian egg -$5
Two rattan round basket chairs with red cushions -$4
One huge metal wash tub - $5
Two silver powder boxes - $5
One motocross helmut (don't ask)- $5
Eight Spiderman comic from 1973 -$2
One copper and stainless wok with stand and lid $.50

And that's it I think. Plus we stopped at HOSTA WORLD and bought $35 worth of hosta's and home depot and bought $70.00 worth of plants and dirt.

well the plants are planted...the chair has been vaccumed.
Everything else can wait until tomorrow.
We are gonna watch a movie and eat some bad stuff.

I'm not sure but I think shopping may be out for tomorrow.

Though I do need new capris.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Long Weekend...short plans

This is a long weekend. I LOVE long weekends even though I'm at home right now. We had originally planned to go camping this weekend up in Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron, my absolute FAVORITE place to be. However the forecast now calls for rain rain rain all weekend and I don't see this weekend ending well with 4 people stuck and cold (since we would inevitably forget the ceramic heater) in a little trailer.
So we canceled.

Now are plans are somewhat different. I know two things...Sunday I am getting my hair highlighted and possible trimmed. Also I think Saturday I might peruse some garage sales and visit HOSTA WORLD! (echo echo)

THAT'S IT! Those are our plans for 3 days.

Oddly my little sister owes me around $70.00 no biggie, but she said she would pay us on Thursday (yesterday) and low and behold I didn't hear from her all day! NOt that I need it (for once) but you's just irresponsible of her.

OH well. I will wait and see how it all plays out.

Well I have to get the little sprog ready for school and pack his lunch.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

My Baby The Weirdo

So Shmoopsie, our youngest is teething again. Only he doesn't teeth like any other baby I've met.

He was over 9 months old before he got his first tooth (2 top teeth at once) and almost a year before he got anymore (2 bottom front teeth at once). Months and months past and I think in January or February (15 months old) he finally got 2 teeth (at once again) beside his upper front teeth.

From then on there has been no action in those gums. Until he as crappy and SUPER whiney about 2 weeks ago. And while he was SCREAMING I caught a glimpse of his upper gums.

What did I see there? 2 flipping molars that's what!
ANd his little gums sure looked sore all around it..funny thing is we knew he was teething, we just ASSUMED he would be getting bottom teeth. And we bought the teething gel down there...not helping one bit. Nice parenting.

So let's recap...that's 6 teeth on top (including 2 molars..completely out of order) and 2 on the bottom.

The past couple of days he has been out of sorts again...and finally I clued in that it might be teeth coming..again I assumed he would be getting bottom teeth, the one (or 2) right beside front teeth. Well they were bottom teeth alright, but once again....2 molars coming in.
What is with that child? There is a certain order that one follows when growing teeth.

He is clearly an anarchist and my life in about 14 yrs should be rather interesting.

God help us all.

Here he is! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

hump day

I ran in my old shoes on Monday. And my shins were fine. In fact it's the best run I've had in weeks.
So that was a nice feeling.

Our half marathon training is getting very screwed up. We have called an emergency ice cream meeting to sort it all out. Half of us are following the plan half aren't. We could be a case study.
I don't even know if I want to do one now, I want to get up to that kind of distance but races cause me stress! I know I've only done 2 and maybe this Old Mill race will help but MAN that looks like a hard course. HILLS HILLS and more hills.

On Mondays I run with only two other people usually and they are a tad faster than I have been lately. And consistently they leave me behind. I mean I can still see them but I can't hear them or take part in a conversation and it PISSES ME OFF. I mean it's not a race can you not slow it down a little? I mean I am not that far behind! In a race it;s one thing but if someone is having a slow night I think it's only the nice thing to do. It's not like I was walking or something.

Makes me mad.

I shall return with more wit and fun.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Hmmm no title.

We watched Scar Face lastnight. For me it was the first time I had seen it in at least 15 years. Also it is the first time I had ever seen it sober. I don't know about you guys, but when I was in highschool we had a Scar Face drinking game. Yup, I grew up in a small town and we had drinking games for everything.
Anyway for this particular game you took a shot or a gulp of your beer everytime Tony Montana (Pacino) said the work "fuck".
Ok, he says it like 160 times in the movie, soooooo let's just say the ending was kind of a surprise for me last night. Tony dies? WTF?

LOVE Pacino...I love young Pacino more than old Pacino. Cause now he's old and has bad hair plugs and thinks he can still play a 20 yr old. And I mean really, doesn't he get sick of playing a gangster or bad cop? Holy crap! Branch out already!
Not that he plays those things badly or anything....just sayin.

Ran tonight...great shins!
I was tuckered though...need to eat more during the day or something.

I am tuckered now too.
Which feels awesome.
Legs are feeling heavy. I love that.

I wonder how Zoot's workouts are going? Like she NEEDS to work out! Geesh!

Stir Fry!..Don't Bother Me

My hubby spent two years in culinary management in College (it's a 3 year course so he isn't exactly a chef and he does not cook for a living). And he is AN awesome cook by my standards.

Lastnight he was making us some curry chicken with veggies and rice stir fry. It was going to be great. I even requested it.
He was a chop chop chopping in the kitchen..wokking and stirring and frying. The aroma wafting from there was sending me in a feeding frenzy (not a stretch for me a the best of times).
Anyway, I was called upon to make the rice. Basmati in fact, Chris can't cook rice to save his life. It's always sticky.
So I made rice. Now usually when I cook basmati rice I throw in a glove of garlic and half a cube of maggi chicken stock.
We were out of both lastnight.
So Chris rummaged through the spice cupboard and I rifled in the fridge.
He found a bag of chicken powder stuff...SCORE!
I found nothing but oyster sauce, which we usually add to our regular stirfries.

So I put in the stove next to the wok and said "hey why don't you throw some of this in."
And he did.
Then I added some chicken stock to my rice.
And he asked me to throw some into the wok as well.
And I did.
Then he added some curry powder. Very fresh curry powder.
The STENCH of that combination is so unpleasant we were gagging!
It was horrible! It smelled worse than....I don't know what..but it was bad!
It was so sad. I had longed from curry chicken for so long. And now finally it had arrived only to be ruined
Probably though, the most sad is that we still ate it.
Or attempted to.
It didn't taste that
It was super salty and the curry was, for some reason, VERY hot.
My tummy didn't feel right all night.

We need a do over.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

brothers Posted by Hello

Ran lastnight...didn't like it much. Sore ankles and shins.
Went to a Running Room today to check it out, since I always shop at my local independent running shop. (The owner in my coach).
The guy at the running room seemed to think that this current pair of shoes that I have are wrong for me. And that I should never have been given stability shoes instead of motion control.
He also thinks that my recent ankle pain can be totally blamed on this.

So someone is wrong.

He suggested I go back to my first pair of shoes that he think still have much life left in them. I'm going to try it on Monday.

I will be SO disappointed if he's right, on the one hand. But absolutely thrilled if I can get another month out of them on the other!

What if my coach had me in the wrong shoes? After originally putting me in motion control to begin with.


Mind you I have run fine in these stability shoes since January. Only 4 months and I would hope that my shoes would last longer than that.

This is her LIVELIHOOD she should know these things.. SHE does know these things!


Hope everyone has found me ok.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

That's Just Plain Weird.

So we went to the bank this afternoon. Chris ran in while I sit in the truck with a sleeping Noah.
While sitting there sopping with sweat (summer has apparently arrived and it ain't playin around!), I am admiring the dangly Patrick Starfish hanging adorably from the rearview mirror of a piece of shit-ish van parked next to us.

As I admire it, I see a woman approach the van (I considered briefly asking her where she got it, but decided against it when I realized that would involved SOUND..and sound is a sleeping babies nemesis or maybe the mom's). ANYWAY, she gets in her van...and I'm still staring cause she is now sucking on the crucifix hanging from her neck and I am wondering what sort of sin would warrant such worship.

As we are both sitting in our respective vehicles she is obviously oblivious of me because she takes out a pen and an old envelope and starts writing all over it. The same thing over and over, sometimes shaking her head sometimes nodding. Write write write write. Turn the envelope over..Write write write. Nod nod shake shake.

I (of course) HAVE to know what she's writing. I am not wearing my glasses (mostly because Noah ripped one arm off and I can no longer wear them in public) so I have to squint and lean.

From my vantage point I swear to god above she was practicing a signature. Practicing a signature in the parking lot of a BANK.

Am I think only one that sees this as suspicious?

Then her aging (and clearly ailing) Mother (I assume) climbed in the passenger side and showed her her bank book.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

My Mother..hipster or hip replacement

my mother creates her own slang. And it drives me CRAZY!
She calls FutureShop..."future"
stationwagon = wagon
ciruit city = circuit
internet = the net. (I know she didn't make that up but it still bugs me)
pictures= FOTOS!
digital camera=digi! WTF IS THAT?
msn messenger = msn (not the logical MESSENGER no no)
Tech TV= Tech
She even shorten my son's snake's name from King Ludwig to just King. Don't you think you'd shorten it to ludwig?
I can go on and on
Also she changes the spelling of all of our nicknames.
We have a sister that we call D...she has changed it to DEE
She changed my from Pami or Pamie to PAMMY. Blech.
I hate that.

She tells me constantly that my youngest son got his hair colour from either my dad or my older sister. SURELY he didn't get it from HIS FATHER that had WHITE hair when he was born. NO..couldn't be that.

she says things like "sucks big time"
This woman in 64 yrs old.

She might be losing it

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Stealing From Zoot.

I stole this idea from Zoot.
Did the quiz and I am:


What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

I want to do it again and cheat this time

Sometimes I feel like I only take pictures of the little one. But the big one is NEVER home. He is always out in the neighbourhood with his friends!

Brendan..getting cooler by the day Posted by Hello

Pamalamdingdong On Guilt

I totally wimped out of my run lastnight. We were supposed to run in Ancaster to check out the race route. But it was THUNDERING and LIGHTENING! And I think that running in that is just plain asking for it.
So I bailed on running and ate potatoe salad (and beet salad but you guys don't want to know about that newfie concoction).
We watched a movie...Timeline...SNORE! I made if through about a quarter. That blonde guy makes me want to peel my eyeballs out with a spoon. He is a worse actor than Keanu Reeves a title I do not bestow lightly.
Then we watch Love Actually...hubby LOVES Romantic Comedies. Not bad...I am NOT a Hugh Grant fan, he is a little soggy and girly for me. But it as enjoyable.

So because of the attempt to watch 2 movies on a school night, we were up late. We hit the sack shortly after 12.
Shortly after 3am Noah got up.
Chris went into rock him and I immediately fell back to sleep.
I woke up at 3:30 no Chris
3:45 no Chris
4:00 NO Chris
Shortly after 4 I heard Chris take Noah downstairs to play. He didn't wake me. I didn't voluntarily get up.
He came in 5:00am to tell me Noah was finally back in bed and that he would lay down on the couch till 6 or 7 and then go to work.

Well...the neighbours dog howled from 6am until about 10 minutes ago. Chris got NO sleep and has to work all day.
I got mediocre sleep and can laze around at home all day.
How rude am I?
I should've gotten up with Noah and let Chris go back to bed.
In my own defense Chris functions FAR better than I with no sleep and is rarely crabby as a result. I on the other hand am a complete moronic bitch that would seriously be considering divorce by the end of the day over the smallest of small issues.

Right now I hear Noah...he is going to be torture today. So maybe it's best that the one that stays home got the most sleep.

p.s. Did you know that Gary Oldman is in the Harry Potter movie? HOW FABULOUS IS THAT? I LOVE HIM!

Monday, May 10, 2004


whaddya think?
oui? non?

I wonder why the comments only work sometimes.
And NOT when it's a photo post.

Smoochies Posted by Hello

You say it's your birthday!

It's my birthday too yeah!
My birthday weekend was interesting this year.
Officially my birthday was on Sunday but clearly the celebrations began on Saturday...possibly Friday.

Friday night Chris and I gorged ourselves on Chinese food from the restaurant down town. YUM! enough said.

Saturday morning I got out of bed at 4:45 am and made myself look decent(ish), two of my running posse picked me up at 5:30am and we drove to Markham fairgrounds. Where we had tickets to the Garden Sale. YES! A clearing house sale of Estee Lauder, MAC, Clinque and other high quality comestics! We waited in line for like 2 hours and then shopped for 3!
I don't even wear that much make up and I had a hoot! I LOVE all the make up I bought. And I mean really what better way to strengthen the bond between women. Incidentally the sale it was pretty good. Plus there were SO many woman there, there was almost a riot at time. I mean...they had COPS as security! Estee would be proud. We stopped in Mississauga for lunch which was you know...meh.
And Saturday night Chris took me to a movie. Van Helsing (sp). Also...meh.
NOT something I would normally watch on the big screen. But I mean Hugh Jackman HUBAA HUBBA for me..and Kate what's her name..HUBBA HUBBA for CHris.Really..something for everyone.
But it was a little cheesy...oh well...I don't remember the last time I went the show. It was a nice night out.

Sunday..Brendan made me breakfast in bed...Chris held him at bay as long as he could but the longest he would wait was 8:15am to feed me. Oh was cute and lovely.
a scrambled egg, one half a toasted bagel with butter and a cup of tea. Followed closely but ruffles sour cream and onion chips for desert! hehee
The day I spent puttering in the garden...playing with my kids and hanging with my family.

It was a great birthday weekend.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Fabulous Runner I didn;t run on Wednesday due to sore shins.
Then yesterday a member of my running posse email me and asked me if I would run with her. 15k!
I said sure but I might have to turn back cause of my shins.
Well I stretched them really well before we went and we did awesome!
We ran slow and took a few water breaks (it was humid). And we did walk for about 4-5 minutes after 10k cause we were back down town and apparently it's a mortal sin if you run through down town. So in fear of being struck by lightening we walked.
My shins were fine the entire time. And today they aren't tender at all really.
So maybe I will have a few more weeks of life left in my shoes.
Now the 15k run was not on schedule...but we did it. We sort of wanted to see if we could do it. What's funny is I think I could've kept going...I guess this is why you have to follow the rules about increasing (we didn't increase more that 10% of our total mileage this week! REALLY JANICE WE DIDN'T! ;) )
So many people have told me that if you can run 10k you can run anything.
It's totally because you can't feel your legs after 10! I swear it...I climbed a hill right at the end and I was thighs should be screaming for me to walk this...but they were in a coma I think, and could not scream at all.
Beside I doubt I would have be able to walk. Sometimes walking is hard near the end of a run, it cause muscles to get stiff and cold I think.

In other news! My father in law just came back from Florida. He bought everyone t-shirts....except me!
I mean...not that I want shirt with American flags on the arms and alligators on the chest really, but it;s the whole point!!!
I am currently insulted.

uh oh. I haven't told hubby about this blog yet. I don't know why, it's not like I am hiding things...but you know...he would bug me about I thought.
Anyway lastnight he was asking me about someone's address and he goes "isn't it"
I went..uh yeah I think so.
But he sort of I think he's been here.
(sidenote: we call the Queen chick from the newest star wars Queen Ramalamadingdong so....)

p.s. new pictures are posted

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Paranoid Dillusions?

Once again I am an embarrased loser.

Noah and I are sitting here eating some cheese in our jammies (it was still morning shut up!).
When suddenly I spot something out the kitchen window. A man in oakley sunglass and a golf shirt (I can only assume he had pants on) was trying to open my back gate.
I quickly move out of site, since I am in my JAMMIES and have bed hair. be honest I grabbed the baby and we hid in the dining room...
Then he knocked...I hid more.
Then I heard him climbing the gate! (!)
And I am assuming this whole time he is a gas meter reader.
So I grab Noah and dash upstairs. I peek out my bedroom window and there's blue mustang parked at the end of my drive way.
Meter readers drive mustangs? (new ones!)
No Union Gas sign anywhere.
That doesn't seem right.

And I mean really, if he is so much of a winky that he can't open my gate? Then he doesn't deserve my attention.

I am such a loser. What is wrong with me!
IN MY DINING ROOM with a bowl full of cheese and a baby giving me funny looks.

GOD! I so need therapy!

But still! He should be wearing a Gas company shirt or something don't you think?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I fell off the wagon

I am eating chocolate chips out of the bag right now.
TOTALLY in the closet.
Chris is in the shower, so he can't see me do it.
And when he asks me about later, after he notices the bag has been chewed open?
He won't buy it though.
There will be ridicule (rightly so probably).

I will make chocolate chip brownies
All will be well

I think I might be freaking out cause I am going to be 32 on Sunday.
When did I get that old!!!!
I want to be an irresponsible 22 year old again.
And sit in a bar for hours and NOT have the noise level bother me.
I want to be able to stay awake past midnight (HA! past ELEVEN!) and sleep past 8:30 am!
I want to be COOL again!
I want someone to hit on me and not only because they want me to bake them brownies later.

dear god

Please kill me.
WHY are sick children only sick until 9:05 am and then are somehow miraculously and NOISELY cured?
Brendan is the loudest 8 year old ever.
I mean it.

Right now he has plastic soldiers (violent toys I outlawed until some mother sent a pack home in a LOOT are WAR toys appropriate at a birthday celebration???) lined up all around and on top of the hamster's cage.
POOR Wayne is clearly under seige.
I need to fashion him a little white flag maybe.

The baby is in bed napping so quiet play is being greatly encouraged at this point.
SO much so that I am not even climbing the stairs to get my camera to take pictures of the great war for you.

It would be pretty funny too.

Oh monster's inc is on now. THANK GOD!
Quiet time with Sully and Mike.
Maybe he wll go to school this afternoon?
yeah right.

Sick Day

Noah (baby) and Brendan (8 yrs old) are sick today. Not terribly sick...just a little sick. Brendan has mild asthma that acts up when ever he gets a cold or flu so right now he is having some breathing issues that I would rather deal with at home than at school. You know?

I am in SUCH a better mood this week. Even though my shins hurt and I think I need new running shoes. DAMN IT! I don't want to spend $150.00 right now.

Chris brought me home two rose bushes lastnight. I wonder if they are birthday/mother's day gifts. That would not be any fun. I am huge suck around events like these. I WANT presents. Totally selfish...but I LOVE presents. LOVE THM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!
When we were first together, he was AWESOME at the present thing. I got lots of brightly wrapped gifts and surprises and bottles of wine etc. But now it's been 10 yrs and he's not into wrapping paper and surprises anymore. Maybe he can't think of anything surprising?
But I DID get the camera the other week....not a surprise really...but an awesome gift none the less.

I have NOTHING interesting to write about.
I could tell you how my shins got SO tight lastnight that I had to walk...cut my run short and head back to the store.

I could also tell you that lastweek I missed a run...but I had information to share with the other runners in my group. I put evelopes on their cars so they would find them when they came back.

The next day I hear from one of the runners...she didn't go that night either. OH...cause I put something on your car....a blue buick regal or something.
no no...I drive a black Lincoln!
oh shit.
turns out...I left this information on the store owner's car. I am such a loser...and I now I look like a total fool. It's running information, but my name is not on it (I don't think)'s not a big deal or anything. I am just a HUGE LOOSER!


Oh well.

Brendan had a friend over after school yesterday...they played in our backyard. NOah and I went out later to give them a snack.
I find them...trying to stand Chris's HUGE ladder up against the house so they could get on the roof!
WTF is that? We live in a 2 storey...and these 8 yr olds think it's a dandy idea to climb to the roof?
Now I'm not saying that Brendan would never think of on his own....but...this is something Brendan would never think of on his own. I just know this. Also they kicked the ball over the fence twice and the last time the dog next door popped it.
Then I made them popcorn and the visiting kid said he didn't like popcorn, so Noah and I ate it. Then later the kid asked where the popcorn was...I told him we ate it cause he doesn't like it. He said...oh well sometimes I like it, it just depends on what kind. Do you have any chocolate bars?


Also...I posted more pictures if anyone wants a look see.

Monday, May 03, 2004


Yeah, I'm not dead.
But my internet connection was this weekend.
But I'm back now..with a month free!


Sore shins after tonight's run.

Thinking it might be shoe buying time again.