Tuesday, May 04, 2004

dear god

Please kill me.
WHY are sick children only sick until 9:05 am and then are somehow miraculously and NOISELY cured?
Brendan is the loudest 8 year old ever.
I mean it.

Right now he has plastic soldiers (violent toys I outlawed until some mother sent a pack home in a LOOT bag...how are WAR toys appropriate at a birthday celebration???) lined up all around and on top of the hamster's cage.
POOR Wayne is clearly under seige.
I need to fashion him a little white flag maybe.

The baby is in bed napping so quiet play is being greatly encouraged at this point.
SO much so that I am not even climbing the stairs to get my camera to take pictures of the great war for you.

It would be pretty funny too.

Oh monster's inc is on now. THANK GOD!
Quiet time with Sully and Mike.
Maybe he wll go to school this afternoon?
yeah right.