Friday, May 07, 2004

Fabulous Runner I didn;t run on Wednesday due to sore shins.
Then yesterday a member of my running posse email me and asked me if I would run with her. 15k!
I said sure but I might have to turn back cause of my shins.
Well I stretched them really well before we went and we did awesome!
We ran slow and took a few water breaks (it was humid). And we did walk for about 4-5 minutes after 10k cause we were back down town and apparently it's a mortal sin if you run through down town. So in fear of being struck by lightening we walked.
My shins were fine the entire time. And today they aren't tender at all really.
So maybe I will have a few more weeks of life left in my shoes.
Now the 15k run was not on schedule...but we did it. We sort of wanted to see if we could do it. What's funny is I think I could've kept going...I guess this is why you have to follow the rules about increasing (we didn't increase more that 10% of our total mileage this week! REALLY JANICE WE DIDN'T! ;) )
So many people have told me that if you can run 10k you can run anything.
It's totally because you can't feel your legs after 10! I swear it...I climbed a hill right at the end and I was thighs should be screaming for me to walk this...but they were in a coma I think, and could not scream at all.
Beside I doubt I would have be able to walk. Sometimes walking is hard near the end of a run, it cause muscles to get stiff and cold I think.

In other news! My father in law just came back from Florida. He bought everyone t-shirts....except me!
I mean...not that I want shirt with American flags on the arms and alligators on the chest really, but it;s the whole point!!!
I am currently insulted.

uh oh. I haven't told hubby about this blog yet. I don't know why, it's not like I am hiding things...but you know...he would bug me about I thought.
Anyway lastnight he was asking me about someone's address and he goes "isn't it"
I went..uh yeah I think so.
But he sort of I think he's been here.
(sidenote: we call the Queen chick from the newest star wars Queen Ramalamadingdong so....)

p.s. new pictures are posted