Friday, May 28, 2004

Feelin Snarky A Little Bit

I have this friend, that I met through running of course, she is a Barbie. No seriously she IS! She has products that I can't figure out what to do with. One day I mentioned that my eyebrows bleach in the sun and disappear by mid summer and that I didn't like penciling them in cause then they looked you know, penciled in. Immediately she tells me of two products to try. One was clinque and the other one is not available in Canada but she just happens to have an extra one and brings it to me the next time we meet.

Anyway this was originally going to be a post bitching about how she just made me feel like shit for being a stay at home mom and doing nothing all day. But as I was typing all the bitchy parts she emailed me and said this "Get over yourself. I didn't mean it like that"
And I started laughing so hard..cause I mean really. She's right.
I am such an asshole sometimes. I would have totally brooded about that all afternoon. And she clears it all up with two short sentences (technically NOT sentences phrases perhaps).
Funny lady.
But really she is barbie. At her office the call her Real Estate Barbie.

Anyway do you think I miss working? I mean everyone else is a bazillion times more stressed about things than I am and more hectic. I think I might be a bit jealous. Sometimes I feel like...HOLY CRAP I need to get a job! I need to make my own money! I need to be productive. Give me that computer...let me fix it! But I cannot imagine leaving little Noah with someone else to raise him 40+ hours a week. I could do something part time but really WHERE in this town will I find something part time that does not include "Do you want fries with that?". And I, my friends am NOT going there.

Beside it would interfere with my running career.

Gotta figure something out.