Saturday, May 22, 2004

Garage Sales

We decided to go to some garage sales (yard sale, lawn sale, rummage sale, garden sale etc) out in the country today.
BOY did we buy some stuff.

Our Haul:
One red love seat type chair that may or may not be antique, covered in bird shit and will be cleaned tomorrow.- $70.00
One HUGE brandy snifter filled with different coloured bird eggs and one Ukrainian egg -$5
Two rattan round basket chairs with red cushions -$4
One huge metal wash tub - $5
Two silver powder boxes - $5
One motocross helmut (don't ask)- $5
Eight Spiderman comic from 1973 -$2
One copper and stainless wok with stand and lid $.50

And that's it I think. Plus we stopped at HOSTA WORLD and bought $35 worth of hosta's and home depot and bought $70.00 worth of plants and dirt.

well the plants are planted...the chair has been vaccumed.
Everything else can wait until tomorrow.
We are gonna watch a movie and eat some bad stuff.

I'm not sure but I think shopping may be out for tomorrow.

Though I do need new capris.