Wednesday, May 19, 2004

hump day

I ran in my old shoes on Monday. And my shins were fine. In fact it's the best run I've had in weeks.
So that was a nice feeling.

Our half marathon training is getting very screwed up. We have called an emergency ice cream meeting to sort it all out. Half of us are following the plan half aren't. We could be a case study.
I don't even know if I want to do one now, I want to get up to that kind of distance but races cause me stress! I know I've only done 2 and maybe this Old Mill race will help but MAN that looks like a hard course. HILLS HILLS and more hills.

On Mondays I run with only two other people usually and they are a tad faster than I have been lately. And consistently they leave me behind. I mean I can still see them but I can't hear them or take part in a conversation and it PISSES ME OFF. I mean it's not a race can you not slow it down a little? I mean I am not that far behind! In a race it;s one thing but if someone is having a slow night I think it's only the nice thing to do. It's not like I was walking or something.

Makes me mad.

I shall return with more wit and fun.