Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I fell off the wagon

I am eating chocolate chips out of the bag right now.
TOTALLY in the closet.
Chris is in the shower, so he can't see me do it.
And when he asks me about later, after he notices the bag has been chewed open?
He won't buy it though.
There will be ridicule (rightly so probably).

I will make chocolate chip brownies
All will be well

I think I might be freaking out cause I am going to be 32 on Sunday.
When did I get that old!!!!
I want to be an irresponsible 22 year old again.
And sit in a bar for hours and NOT have the noise level bother me.
I want to be able to stay awake past midnight (HA! past ELEVEN!) and sleep past 8:30 am!
I want to be COOL again!
I want someone to hit on me and not only because they want me to bake them brownies later.