Friday, May 21, 2004

Long Weekend...short plans

This is a long weekend. I LOVE long weekends even though I'm at home right now. We had originally planned to go camping this weekend up in Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron, my absolute FAVORITE place to be. However the forecast now calls for rain rain rain all weekend and I don't see this weekend ending well with 4 people stuck and cold (since we would inevitably forget the ceramic heater) in a little trailer.
So we canceled.

Now are plans are somewhat different. I know two things...Sunday I am getting my hair highlighted and possible trimmed. Also I think Saturday I might peruse some garage sales and visit HOSTA WORLD! (echo echo)

THAT'S IT! Those are our plans for 3 days.

Oddly my little sister owes me around $70.00 no biggie, but she said she would pay us on Thursday (yesterday) and low and behold I didn't hear from her all day! NOt that I need it (for once) but you's just irresponsible of her.

OH well. I will wait and see how it all plays out.

Well I have to get the little sprog ready for school and pack his lunch.