Thursday, May 20, 2004

My Baby The Weirdo

So Shmoopsie, our youngest is teething again. Only he doesn't teeth like any other baby I've met.

He was over 9 months old before he got his first tooth (2 top teeth at once) and almost a year before he got anymore (2 bottom front teeth at once). Months and months past and I think in January or February (15 months old) he finally got 2 teeth (at once again) beside his upper front teeth.

From then on there has been no action in those gums. Until he as crappy and SUPER whiney about 2 weeks ago. And while he was SCREAMING I caught a glimpse of his upper gums.

What did I see there? 2 flipping molars that's what!
ANd his little gums sure looked sore all around it..funny thing is we knew he was teething, we just ASSUMED he would be getting bottom teeth. And we bought the teething gel down there...not helping one bit. Nice parenting.

So let's recap...that's 6 teeth on top (including 2 molars..completely out of order) and 2 on the bottom.

The past couple of days he has been out of sorts again...and finally I clued in that it might be teeth coming..again I assumed he would be getting bottom teeth, the one (or 2) right beside front teeth. Well they were bottom teeth alright, but once again....2 molars coming in.
What is with that child? There is a certain order that one follows when growing teeth.

He is clearly an anarchist and my life in about 14 yrs should be rather interesting.

God help us all.