Wednesday, May 12, 2004

My Mother..hipster or hip replacement

my mother creates her own slang. And it drives me CRAZY!
She calls FutureShop..."future"
stationwagon = wagon
ciruit city = circuit
internet = the net. (I know she didn't make that up but it still bugs me)
pictures= FOTOS!
digital camera=digi! WTF IS THAT?
msn messenger = msn (not the logical MESSENGER no no)
Tech TV= Tech
She even shorten my son's snake's name from King Ludwig to just King. Don't you think you'd shorten it to ludwig?
I can go on and on
Also she changes the spelling of all of our nicknames.
We have a sister that we call D...she has changed it to DEE
She changed my from Pami or Pamie to PAMMY. Blech.
I hate that.

She tells me constantly that my youngest son got his hair colour from either my dad or my older sister. SURELY he didn't get it from HIS FATHER that had WHITE hair when he was born. NO..couldn't be that.

she says things like "sucks big time"
This woman in 64 yrs old.

She might be losing it