Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Nothing to Blog

There is NOTHING happening right now interesting enough to blog about.

I can't run much this week, as my shins are causing me great pain.

My friend and I highlighted my hair, it turned out ok. It looks more like I lightened my hold head but I can live with that I guess.

We watched some movie this weekend...I're shocked.

Cat In The Hat....He really does sound like Charles Nelson Riley. Wasn't the best kids movie around..way too many adult jokes.."Dirty Hoe"? Not cool in front of an 8 year old. But the fish was funny and Chris thought Kelly Prestons boobs were lovely.

Paycheck...I was NOT excited to see this movie. Ben Afflect disappoints me usually. Daredevil is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. However, paycheck was alright. It was entertaining. I thought I would hate it, cause usually the whole backwards movie thing really bugs me, but this time it sort of worked. Although, I wish they would stop trying to make him tough, cause he's not. And that's fine, just give him a gun or something. You know?

Watched half of Lord of The Ring: Return of the Hubba Hubba King.
Loving it so far. I loved these boos in high school and I am loving the movies. Gollum is wicked creepy. But the hubba hubba's are still Hubba hubba's (and I am NOT talking about any hobbits!).
Anyway well done and all that. We are watching the other half tonight. Do you think that makes us old? Having to watch it in two installments? We are pathetic.

Well the baby is up...and I need to be with him for a bit since he was awake until MIDNIGHT! In bed at 8pm as usual...up at 11pm till 12!