Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Paranoid Dillusions?

Once again I am an embarrased loser.

Noah and I are sitting here eating some cheese in our jammies (it was still morning shut up!).
When suddenly I spot something out the kitchen window. A man in oakley sunglass and a golf shirt (I can only assume he had pants on) was trying to open my back gate.
I quickly move out of site, since I am in my JAMMIES and have bed hair. be honest I grabbed the baby and we hid in the dining room...
Then he knocked...I hid more.
Then I heard him climbing the gate! (!)
And I am assuming this whole time he is a gas meter reader.
So I grab Noah and dash upstairs. I peek out my bedroom window and there's blue mustang parked at the end of my drive way.
Meter readers drive mustangs? (new ones!)
No Union Gas sign anywhere.
That doesn't seem right.

And I mean really, if he is so much of a winky that he can't open my gate? Then he doesn't deserve my attention.

I am such a loser. What is wrong with me!
IN MY DINING ROOM with a bowl full of cheese and a baby giving me funny looks.

GOD! I so need therapy!

But still! He should be wearing a Gas company shirt or something don't you think?