Saturday, May 15, 2004

Ran lastnight...didn't like it much. Sore ankles and shins.
Went to a Running Room today to check it out, since I always shop at my local independent running shop. (The owner in my coach).
The guy at the running room seemed to think that this current pair of shoes that I have are wrong for me. And that I should never have been given stability shoes instead of motion control.
He also thinks that my recent ankle pain can be totally blamed on this.

So someone is wrong.

He suggested I go back to my first pair of shoes that he think still have much life left in them. I'm going to try it on Monday.

I will be SO disappointed if he's right, on the one hand. But absolutely thrilled if I can get another month out of them on the other!

What if my coach had me in the wrong shoes? After originally putting me in motion control to begin with.


Mind you I have run fine in these stability shoes since January. Only 4 months and I would hope that my shoes would last longer than that.

This is her LIVELIHOOD she should know these things.. SHE does know these things!


Hope everyone has found me ok.