Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Sick Day

Noah (baby) and Brendan (8 yrs old) are sick today. Not terribly sick...just a little sick. Brendan has mild asthma that acts up when ever he gets a cold or flu so right now he is having some breathing issues that I would rather deal with at home than at school. You know?

I am in SUCH a better mood this week. Even though my shins hurt and I think I need new running shoes. DAMN IT! I don't want to spend $150.00 right now.

Chris brought me home two rose bushes lastnight. I wonder if they are birthday/mother's day gifts. That would not be any fun. I am huge suck around events like these. I WANT presents. Totally selfish...but I LOVE presents. LOVE THM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!
When we were first together, he was AWESOME at the present thing. I got lots of brightly wrapped gifts and surprises and bottles of wine etc. But now it's been 10 yrs and he's not into wrapping paper and surprises anymore. Maybe he can't think of anything surprising?
But I DID get the camera the other week....not a surprise really...but an awesome gift none the less.

I have NOTHING interesting to write about.
I could tell you how my shins got SO tight lastnight that I had to walk...cut my run short and head back to the store.

I could also tell you that lastweek I missed a run...but I had information to share with the other runners in my group. I put evelopes on their cars so they would find them when they came back.

The next day I hear from one of the runners...she didn't go that night either. OH...cause I put something on your car....a blue buick regal or something.
no no...I drive a black Lincoln!
oh shit.
turns out...I left this information on the store owner's car. I am such a loser...and I now I look like a total fool. It's running information, but my name is not on it (I don't think)...it's not a big deal or anything. I am just a HUGE LOOSER!


Oh well.

Brendan had a friend over after school yesterday...they played in our backyard. NOah and I went out later to give them a snack.
I find them...trying to stand Chris's HUGE ladder up against the house so they could get on the roof!
WTF is that? We live in a 2 storey...and these 8 yr olds think it's a dandy idea to climb to the roof?
Now I'm not saying that Brendan would never think of on his own....but...this is something Brendan would never think of on his own. I just know this. Also they kicked the ball over the fence twice and the last time the dog next door popped it.
Then I made them popcorn and the visiting kid said he didn't like popcorn, so Noah and I ate it. Then later the kid asked where the popcorn was...I told him we ate it cause he doesn't like it. He said...oh well sometimes I like it, it just depends on what kind. Do you have any chocolate bars?


Also...I posted more pictures if anyone wants a look see.