Monday, May 31, 2004

Spare Keyboard from Heaven

(why was there a huge space at the top of my blog? I have done nothing to the code and can't find anything in there to make such a huge space...any suggestions? Is it gone now?)

Found the old IBM keyboard with the red wine stain on the number pad. Odd cause I thought I threw it out.

Turns out that rinsing the keyboard was NOT a great idea. Though it did remove the stickiness quite nicely, it also removed all functionality which was not a desirable effect.

So we found this one in the basement. I forgot how much I love this keyboard. It's perfectly clicky but soft at the same time. Plus you cannot kill and IBM keyboard. The number pad is still working even after the red wine the I spilled on it nearly two years ago. It's not pretty but it's typing!

Today, though not a national holiday in Canada (that was last Monday), my hubby is home from work. You see he is supposed to working WAY up in the air on the steel roof of a century home in a near by town, but it's thundering and blowing like a bitch today so he decided to stay home and do some work around here (read:nap on the couch). He is however taking the baby for a shot later today, so that's good cause I hate doing that. I think this is his last one for a while, or maybe that's at 24 months that he great a break.

OH I do have a story.
Yesterday was glorious. Sunny and warm but not hot or muggy. I decided to take my little family bike riding on the trail that I run. We could go to the look out and check out the river and have a marvelously tranquil day together. Brendan on his little bike, Chris on his, me on mine towing Noah behind in the chariot trailer.
Brendan loved that trailer as a tot, he would sit in there literally for hours and let me bike all over Kitchener (the city we used to live in). He would sleep back there, have snacks and drink.
Noah, the anti-Brendan, HATES it. H-A-T-E-S it. His screaming was only interrupted by a continuous stream of "down? down? down? down? down? down? down? down?"
We went 5km maybe..and that took us an hour, since we had an 18month old jogging along the side the bikes. He kept up pretty good too, until we hit that hill. (KIDDING!)
We took turns walking with him and chasing him. Eventually though he got too tired and the bike we were walking got to cumbersome, so chris stuck him in the trailer and peddled as fast as he could back to the truck.
Brendan and I biked slowly behind, SLOWLY because he decided he had to bring home a 6 foot long stick. He loves sticks almost as much as rocks. Most of my clothing are literally stone washed since I find a ton or so in the machine every time I do the wash.

Anyway I took some pics and so did Chris. Enjoy.