Monday, May 17, 2004

Stir Fry!..Don't Bother Me

My hubby spent two years in culinary management in College (it's a 3 year course so he isn't exactly a chef and he does not cook for a living). And he is AN awesome cook by my standards.

Lastnight he was making us some curry chicken with veggies and rice stir fry. It was going to be great. I even requested it.
He was a chop chop chopping in the kitchen..wokking and stirring and frying. The aroma wafting from there was sending me in a feeding frenzy (not a stretch for me a the best of times).
Anyway, I was called upon to make the rice. Basmati in fact, Chris can't cook rice to save his life. It's always sticky.
So I made rice. Now usually when I cook basmati rice I throw in a glove of garlic and half a cube of maggi chicken stock.
We were out of both lastnight.
So Chris rummaged through the spice cupboard and I rifled in the fridge.
He found a bag of chicken powder stuff...SCORE!
I found nothing but oyster sauce, which we usually add to our regular stirfries.

So I put in the stove next to the wok and said "hey why don't you throw some of this in."
And he did.
Then I added some chicken stock to my rice.
And he asked me to throw some into the wok as well.
And I did.
Then he added some curry powder. Very fresh curry powder.
The STENCH of that combination is so unpleasant we were gagging!
It was horrible! It smelled worse than....I don't know what..but it was bad!
It was so sad. I had longed from curry chicken for so long. And now finally it had arrived only to be ruined
Probably though, the most sad is that we still ate it.
Or attempted to.
It didn't taste that
It was super salty and the curry was, for some reason, VERY hot.
My tummy didn't feel right all night.

We need a do over.