Thursday, May 13, 2004

That's Just Plain Weird.

So we went to the bank this afternoon. Chris ran in while I sit in the truck with a sleeping Noah.
While sitting there sopping with sweat (summer has apparently arrived and it ain't playin around!), I am admiring the dangly Patrick Starfish hanging adorably from the rearview mirror of a piece of shit-ish van parked next to us.

As I admire it, I see a woman approach the van (I considered briefly asking her where she got it, but decided against it when I realized that would involved SOUND..and sound is a sleeping babies nemesis or maybe the mom's). ANYWAY, she gets in her van...and I'm still staring cause she is now sucking on the crucifix hanging from her neck and I am wondering what sort of sin would warrant such worship.

As we are both sitting in our respective vehicles she is obviously oblivious of me because she takes out a pen and an old envelope and starts writing all over it. The same thing over and over, sometimes shaking her head sometimes nodding. Write write write write. Turn the envelope over..Write write write. Nod nod shake shake.

I (of course) HAVE to know what she's writing. I am not wearing my glasses (mostly because Noah ripped one arm off and I can no longer wear them in public) so I have to squint and lean.

From my vantage point I swear to god above she was practicing a signature. Practicing a signature in the parking lot of a BANK.

Am I think only one that sees this as suspicious?

Then her aging (and clearly ailing) Mother (I assume) climbed in the passenger side and showed her her bank book.