Thursday, May 27, 2004

Wasn't Kevin Costner in that?

You would've thought so with the length of the Return of The King.
Good movie though. I really enjoyed it. But I kept expecting something to get REALLY creepy and it didn't happen.

Remember in the first one..Bilbo went all creepy when he wanted the ring back...eyes kind of bugged out? CREEPY! And Also..Kate Blanchet went a little creepy in the woods in that one.

In the second one Gollum and his monologue at one point gave me goosebumps he was so creepy. Wait..was it a monologue? He was talking to his other maybe it was a dialogue..EITHER way...creeped me out.

In this movie I kept waiting for one point hiding my eyes but it didn't happen.

Can I just add that Orlando Bloom is beautiful? If I was 12..I would totally cover my walls with him (and Viggo baby). I wish I was 12

I thought I would mention that my children maybe the weirdest kids ever.
When Brendan was small, he would constantly get into my cupboard and come out with a potato. He would carry said spud around the house until he went to bed, at that point I would reclaim it and put it back in the bag. One time we found one in the couch a considerable amount of time later (months?) and it was so shriveled that we couldn't really identify it. It was named potato by default.
Noah seems just as enamored by ONIONS! Though in his defense he thinks they are balls (his one true love). He sometimes drags a whole net bag through the living room, leaving a trail of paper onion skins behind for the dogs to fight over.
I tried to explain to Noah that they were not balls at all, and were in fact food (ok THAT is his one true love..balls are more of a crush). He looked at me unconvinced and proceeded to take a bite! Admittedly it was small tiny nibble. Enough though, I thought to make my point that it was indeed food.
Uh no.
He looked at me like I had tried to pull the wool over his eyes, spat out the morsel and tossed the onion on the floor.
So now my living room is riddled with countless onions (technically I am sure I could count them,..but who wants to), the floors are covered in ground up onion skins and the whole place smells like freshly chopped onions. Which, incidentally smells alot like B.O.


UPDATE on the Nosey Parkers:

Apparently I have done something to offend them, cause she no longer waves and says hello to me over the fence! And he never comes to the fence to admire our new deck. HA!
I am kind of proud of that. Brendan got a bit of a scoop, her littles ones are not allowed to play with Yugio (sp) cards because it would mean that they do not love Jesus.
uh huh.
religous freaks..clearly