Wednesday, June 16, 2004

And What a Run It Was

14k run tonight in PERFECT weather. I mean perfect, around 25(ish) Celsius slightly over cast and smog mostly at bay. Perfect. Around 5k into the run it began to rain slightly a cool mist to keep us going.

It was a good run. No land speed records broken but it was a good pace and I was covered in sweat when we finished. Always the sign of a good run if you ask me.

I committed to the half marathon clinic clinic tonight, we start in 2 weeks. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am nervous and excited all at once. Our long runs will happen Saturday mornings at 7am! I will be WILLINGLY getting out of bed EARLY on Saturday mornings so I can run until I can't see straight. Where is Pam? And what have you done with her?

One thing with this running I wish for. I wish my head didn't light up like rudolph's nose the minute my feet hit the pavement. I thought originally it was because I was out of shape and I decided to start running in JULY. But it's been a year and through all the weather my head is consistently blood red after a run. Why???? I hate that.

Well I need to go and jump on the exercise bike so I can have a good stretch didn't get to after running for some busy getting hyped about training.