Friday, June 04, 2004

Are you running hard? Or hardly running?

5k Friday, though half of our group took off for 12 which I would have gladly joined if I had known ahead of time! I did not have much a pre-run snack and there would have surely fallen on my face 6 or 7k out.

I did run a hard fast 5 though, the kind that makes your legs are a little shakey at the end. It felt great (again) to run pain free.

I think though, that my recent injury and subsequent lay off has put in bad favour with my most buddiest running buddies. I do believe they are more than a little miffed that I am not doing a 10k race with them this Tuesday evening. I took a week OFF! Yes I know I can still run 10k and just did on Wednesday night, however I seriously doubt I can race 10k.

So go and do it and have fun.

But now they are acting all clicky and sort of leaving me in the dust cause they are "IN TRAINING". Whatever Trevor.

Oh well, I am so on the road to recovery. I kept up just fine tonight, I did feel like we were speeding along though..holy crap.

Felt good none the less.

Nothing happening here this weekend, Hubby is working so that means I am too! So much for sleeping in. BASTARD!

Pardon, I've just been summoned to look under my hubbies eyelid with a flash light.

See? And you thought we weren't any fun!